Jan. 1 WT, Their confession for given incorrect dates for the end.

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  • Sulla

    I have always liked the JW habit of smearing the Apostles for their expectations. Why, yes, I believe they were expecting something on the order of "soon." On the other hand, the intervening thousands of years may have suggested to some observers that attempts to predict the Return of the Lord are a mistake. But the fundamentalist mind rejects the idea of history in this sense and is, therefore, doomed.

  • jam

    The first time I have seen the new Watchtower edition.

    Looking thru the magazine and I couldn,t believe at one time

    this was truth. The same old stuff, condensed.

    I can not believe anyone with half of a brain would view this

    as truth. Cults are powerful.

    It,s strange, after coming out and not under the control of the Wt,

    it,s scary what they teach, their logic. They can make any ridiculous

    statement without no repercussion. I really think that the Gov. Body

    is saying, you guys can kiss our butts, we can come up with any

    absurd teaching we like and still hold your families as hostages.

    I hate that cult!!!!

  • DesirousOfChange

    The apology (for what it's worth) is great. Closest they've ever come to saying "WE WERE WRONG".

    The problem is, we all know that this is positive evidence that there is no reason to believe that they are right NOW on what they are teaching. BUT, if you refuse to accept everything they teach as "gospel" -- the Words of Jehovah -- then you'll get shit-canned.

    That's right!

    Even though they admit they were wrong (many times). . .

    Even though they admit the are imperfect men (and NOT inspired). . . .

    YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE THEY ARE RIGHT THIS TIME AROUND. No questions asked. Accept it or hit the road without family & friends.



  • ABibleStudent

    You got to give credit to the WTBTS leaders for creating the best BITE control to victimize JWs. What is obvious to most people in the World, is not for JWs. The WTBTS is a dangerous cult that uses BITE control on JWs!!

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • jam

    "But , if you refuse to accept everything they teach as "gospel"

    the words of Jehovah then you'll get sh--t canned'.

    "But the vaccine saves lives", no you must wait on Jehovah, don,t

    run ahead. "But I don,t believe 1975 will be the end of days", wait

    on Jehovah to straighten out matters. "But it,s a lie", no matter.

    So let me get this straight, we can lie in Jehovah name, we can lie

    to the people but if I refuse to tell this lie i will be kick out of God,s

    true organization. Makes a lot of sense.

  • doofdaddy

    The sheer arrogance of this organisation to belive that they have unique communications with god and the sheer arrogance to not admit error(s). Really, to believe that god told "us" special dates and no one else is kinda egocentric to say the least. Humility is not a shining quality in jwland.

  • Finkelstein

    So let me get this straight, we can lie in Jehovah name, we can lie

    to the people but if I refuse to tell this lie I will be kick out of God's

    true organization. Makes a lot of sense.

    Thats the reason I left decades ago.

    Wasn't interested in lying for nobody or no men running a publishing house.

    But that realistically is part of this con game, lure people into the organization by lying then exploit them for labor and money,

    all pretentiously enshrined as god's set about preaching gospel. .... UCK.

  • jam

    Finkelstein: "Wasn,t interested in lying for nobody or no man running

    a publishing house". Hopefully others will wake up , they have to

    with articles like this. If there is a Satan, this is definitely his organiza-

    tion, the God of confusion.

  • Finkelstein

    The idiocy really started with C T Russell, part idiot, part salesman.

    Then a lawyer saw the money WTS. had and took over the operation, grabbing the power and the money for himself.

    " God's specialy chosen Organization " Its laughable when you really think about it.

  • WTWizard

    Then why don't they allow people to hedge the bets in case they get it wrong? Or, does joke-hova require people to sell out, live destitute, to praise poverty so they can be poor again in the next life, and always struggle against nature as if the end was coming, even though they know full well it isn't? That thing joke-hova thinks people should always be in a perennial emergency, putting their lives on hold as if the end was coming the next day. And when the types of problems one could reasonably expect come, they are up sxxx creek without a paddle in a barbed wire canoe.

    Now I believe we are one gesture of rebuilding Isra-hell's arsenal away from a 1973-style energy crisis. Yet I do not spend 100% of my money on energy efficient devices and emergency supplies; nor do I go door to door selling battery chargers (though, once the energy crisis does come, I would probably make big bucks doing that because the Internet cannot work if people are in a blackout). I also believe that, sooner or later, people are going to totally lose faith in the dollar. Hyperinflation will happen. And the longer they hold off, the worse it will be. Yet, I do not sell everything I have so I can buy more gold and silver (there are, in fact, people that do that and they are not balanced). I do have silver, and I am holding it until I need to spend it, but I will not sell everything to get a few ounces more.

    If such a relatively balanced view of things in a real world situation is appropriate, then why couldn't a more balanced viewpoint be enough for the washtowel? I am sure more people will be willing to put a few of their toilet papers into silver and get basic emergency supplies (and hold onto them until needed) than would be willing to sell everything to buy silver and/or battery chargers and flashlights. I still have my TV, my computer, my music collection, a Nintendo DS, numerous cartridges of Pokemon and other Game Boy cartridges, and Christmas lights (which will not be necessary in a crisis situation but are nice to have during regular times). Why, then, couldn't the washtowel allow people an education, the option of a decent career, and to be allowed to enrich their lives through hobbies, research, sports, and/or recreation? Then, people could live like that regardless of whether the end is tomorrow or 500,000,000 years from now.

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