"Strong hope enables us to resist apostates and their gangrenous 'empty speeches.'"

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  • cedars

    Those obviously aren't my words, they are from the latest study edition of the Watchtower (April 15th, 2013) page 11.


    It's nice to know that, not only are we "mentally diseased" - we are also now "gangrenous." Since the Society seems to enjoy using medical terms to insult us, are there any bets what the next published insult will be? Flu-ridden? Anemic? Leprous? Deformed?


  • irondork

    It's also a statement of the effect our "speeches" are having on their organization. They are afflicted with gangrene. They keep cutting off their own limbs in an attempt to solve the problem, but it just won't go away.

    Good job, everyone. Keep doing THIS to the Watchtower, Bible and Tract Society book publishing corporation:

  • l p
    l p

    with the 'end' failing to cum - time and time again,

    the only conclusion is that the WTBTS is IMPOTENT!



    evidently Paul meant "the hope of salvation" to specifically include shunning anyone who the 20th & 21st century faithful & discreet slave class has labelled an apostate and keeping away from the internet.

    Brothers we should continue to shield ourselves with strong hope from those asthmatic daibetic menopausal apostates.


  • unstopableravens

    funny,they never mention the "empty speech" god had a ono on one open talk with satan about job,why cant the wt have a open dicsussion and if the wt right they should have nothing to fear.

  • jookbeard

    how desperate are they getting? judging by their terrible 2012 service report scrapping the barrel, doesn't seem to be working though, they still hemorrhage members more then any other cult.

  • punkofnice

    This is good news! The WBT$ are lashing out like a trapped animal in it's death throes..........

    .................against we 'anal fissured', 'projectile vomiting', 'terminal constipation' 'apostates'(TM)

  • cantleave

    I have spiritual Syphilis

  • punkofnice

    Is that because they gave you a 'clap' when you walked off the pratform Brother Cantleave?

    I'm a spiritual slight fungal infection under the left armpit but successfully treated with spiritual Daktacort over a couple of weeks, apostate.

    Or a stubbed toe apostate.

  • Phizzy

    I wonder if this article is another instance of WT shooting themselves in the foot, it was the fact that they railed thusly against Apostates, but never answered any of the Apostate arguments to show them as false, that piqued my interest in visiting sites that disagreed with JW's.

    It struck me as strange, anyone writing such accusations in any other magazine would cite examples of the "empty speeches", and then refute them.

    I thought to myself, if the people on Apostate sites are lying I will see through the lies straight away, I have been a studious JW for decades, I know the Truth.

    I visited, found a very different world to what I had been led to expect, eventually found this site, but my first site showed me the WT were lying, because it was not filled with hateful rhetoric, just reasoned , Bible based argument, showing where the doctines of the W.T were wrong.

    It was a happy coincidence that the site had a long article showing that the 1914 thing was wrong, which was why I had stopped preaching, I just could not see that 1914 was in any way in the Bible, unless you were bats**t crazy.

    I hope many more JW's find this or similar sites and gain their freedom too. This article may spur others on to do as I did, I do hope so.

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