"Strong hope enables us to resist apostates and their gangrenous 'empty speeches.'"

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  • sd-7

    Actually, DATA-DOG, I think your comment really added the details that flesh out the point I was trying to make. I should be thanking you. Very good point--they're applying this term broadly when it was applied by Paul in a very specific way about a specific teaching. Pointing out things that are clearly wrong or false is far different from teaching that the resurrection has already happened.

    It calls to mind something I've noticed in recent articles--the Society has said more than once that their interest is in obeying Jesus or following the lead of holy spirit rather than in shielding themselves from criticism. With blanket statements of this sort against their critics--and the way the elders go after their critics who are still on the inside--it guarantees that as far as they're concerned, they have no living critics to speak of. They silence and malign their critics, and then say they're not worried about criticism. If they weren't worried about criticism, they would have more open discussions about what their critics say.


  • hamsterbait

    Strong HOPE? HOPE? What would anything the Witchtower says do to inspire hope?

    Hope in whatever they tell you at the time, despite 140 years of dashed hopes and failed promises.


  • Balaamsass

    Gangrenous.......humm well perhaps it will force some to come to their senses and CUT OFF the Watchtower $$$.

  • LostGeneration

    Hanging your hat on "hope" is a dangerous strategy.

    "Hoping" that an organization has finally figured it out after 140 years of wrong, is just plain stupid.

    I'll take my risks with the "apostates"

    We build hope in Jehovah`s saving acts by studying his word..

    Studying WBT$ crap never helped the busload of JWs that crashed..

    They probably "hoped" it would..

    Strong hope enables us to resist apostates and their gangernous "Empty Speeches."

    We`re hard to resist..We have a new disease..And..

    The WBT$ never defends themselves against anything we say..

    Our hope will also strengthen us to say no to those who would lead us into conduct condemed by Jehovah..

    In Watchtower World..

    The WBT$ Governing Popes = Jehovah..

    Thinking is condemed by the WBT$ Governing Popes..

    Just say No to Thinking!

    Let the WBT$ Governing Rock Star Popes think for you..

    ..........................  mutley-ani1.gif ...OUTLAW


    Insight book under " Gossip "

    On the other hand, it is not gossip or slander and is not wrong to report conditions affecting a congregation to those having authority and responsibility to oversee and correct matters. This fact is demonstrated in the Scriptural record about the Christian congregation in ancient Corinth. There, dissensions and the paying of undue honor to men were creating sectarian attitudes, destroying the congregation's unity. Some members of the house of a certain Chloe who were aware of these things and were concerned about the congregation's spiritual welfare disclosed the fact to the absent apostle Paul, who acted quickly, writing corrective counsel to the congregation from Ephesus.-1Co 1:11.

    Surely reporting illegal activities, like child abuse, to the Superior Authorities that are acting as a restraint against anarchy, and set up by God, would not be gangrenous speech. Neither would shedding light on unscriptural practices by those claiming to speak for God.

  • hamsterbait

    Wait a minute!

    That photo of the gibbering buddies-

    Wasnt there a Witchtower a while back with a picture of another african-american who had just been appointed to the Crooklyn papacy?

    I remarked at the time that he looked like the cat that caught a canary. Did he die or resign?

  • sir82

    Nope, still only one token minority on the executive board.

  • Emery

    I used to wonder how could one book or one conversation with an "apostate" dismantle years of devoted service for a Jehovah's Witness? Is Satan really that powerful? Hundreds/thousands of hours dedicated towards the field ministry, studying Watchtower publications, conventions, and relationships can be immediately destroyed by lies? I remember praying these questions away.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    It struck me as strange, anyone writing such accusations in any other magazine would cite examples of the "empty speeches", and then refute them.

    Unless you're making it up as you go

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