My Husband Said "Victims Of Pedophiles Come Forward Soon, Not Fifteen Or Thirty Years Later!" Right?

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    mrsjones: i was not talking about for medical reason, i should have been more clear,i was talking about for anybody. thanks

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    Thank you for the clarity. You'll get better at it eventually.

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    LOL @ elderhood.

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    lol im a work in progress,im trying to get better at grammer as well!.?() ;: you see lol?

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    He lied and told me it was nothing until I showed him the paperwork from the Society, than he said "It was a long time ago, the brother repented from his sin.

    The only "paperwork" on this thread comes on a roll.....


    I feel like I am watching Andy Kaufman or Tom Green.

    Andy Kaufman would go on stage,hide in a sleeping bag and not come out..

    Tom Green humped a Dead Moose on TV..

    This is like someone Humping a Dead Moose in a Sleeping Bag,on the Radio..

    ............................ mutley-ani1.gif ...OUTLAW

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    blondie, this particular pedophile used the excuse "I felt guilty every time I forced oral sex onto this child". He repeatedly abused this girl from the age of 4 all the way to 8 years old and tried to blame her and her parents for everything. Not once was he the culprit, in his Kingdom Hall he lied and told all his friends "I am stepping down for personal reasons" before the elders were able to remove him.

    My marriage started out ruff, after I got home working at various janitor jobs and other low-paying jobs I was my little lord's slave. Do you know what it's like to be locked into your own room from the outside door, a lock attached to the outside of the door? My husband is convinced the pedophile was framed because he has always wanted to be his friend. The pedo was pretty important in my circuit so my husband tried to come to his aid and almost got in trouble with HQ because they were afraid this could blow out, thank's to the statue of limitations the pedophile escaped felony child sexual assualt charges. The pedophile knew when the statue of limitations would expire and that's when he confessed to the elder body. Not all elders were told of his sin, he kept this sin to his two favorite elders who with great privacy promised they would monitor his moves. They were his former best friends until one of the elders leaked the story to the victim.

    The victim is related to me, I hate them for bringing down a man whose mistake was over twenty years ago! The pedophile brother still has all his friends, the victim has lost all her faith in the Organization because of the injustices suffered. That's no reason to leave the Truth, why did she have to bring this up instead of "fading"? She could have faded and allowed him to keep his position, instead she had to bust him down and then start to fade away. We all have suffered various injustices in life, sexual abuse is not new and ugly to talk about. Talk to some of the older sisters in their eighties and you will discover women were molested and learned to keep those emotions burried deep in the back of their head, believing the New System will "Wipe Away All The Tears Of The Past System". It's possible she had some "false memory" or something else because spiritually speaking, the accused pedophile is out in service and doing his best to rebuild his name she took away.

    What if I am schizophrenic, one who feels I am a fraud and one personality who feels my life is totally dedicated to Jehovah and my job is to help my husband remove the trouble makers and weak members lowering our Kingdom Hall's numbers below the national average? I swear to Jehovah I am me, every story I write is the truth and nothing written by me can be challenged as a lie. You are all over thinking this far too much, you have a gift of a insider who is one of the most horrible personalities in the Kingdom Hall World and you think it's satire. In the world of possibilites and reality nothing I have said is close to the biggest secret of all. I said that was my last post because I ran out of posts that night.

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