My Husband Said "Victims Of Pedophiles Come Forward Soon, Not Fifteen Or Thirty Years Later!" Right?

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  • unstopableravens

    auntie: you are all over the place; first the wt is not the "truth", if you would chill out we can show you that,second molesting a child is not a "mistake" i dont care how long ago it is,you sound very cold when you say we all suffer injustice in life,and thatmany older ppl kept it in the back of there head. paul said if you have faith but love not you have nothing(1 corn 13:1-8) so how can you rightly justify hating the victim? what more important the victim or a postion? its not a mistake,its a sick crime! you claim wt is truth in one post than talk against it in another, some advice to you do some real research compare the wt to the bible and look at the wt dark secrets,

  • AuntConnie

    If the Statue of Limitations has expired why bring a productive elder down when he is trying to make up for his past? Nothing good comes out of dragging a strong witness down, the weak witness quit attending the kingdom hall while the brother is unable to reach out. Airing sins taking place decades ago served no purpose, what if this pedophile was able to change? It's a shame he's not able to give parts or serve our congregation in his former capacity. The victim has quit attending meetings, either she was lying or the angels removed her from the Kingdom Hall. The friends are siding with the pedophile and his good deeds make him shine with all who need his help.

  • mamochan13

    Aunt Connie - taking you at your questionable word - your husband is not a profesional and he hasn't a clue. No elder with a 5th grade education should be giving adivce to a victim of a pedophile/rape/sexual abuse/whatever.

  • AuntConnie

    That's neither here nor there, I am stating a fact and sharing what he said. Of course he is not perfect, he is my cross I must carry this side of the Great Tribulation. The better part of my days are now spent along with my youth, it's now up to the young members to decide what they are going to do with all the information people provide for them. Ignorant people and stupid people can label me a troll and that's their choice, because everything I say impossible, just ask all the other victims the Watchtower paid money to!

  • unstopableravens

    auntie: yet again you speak out of both sides of your mouth,pay attention the watchtower is not used by god! how can a child rapist make up what he did by giving parts at a k hall? your logic is low,if he really wanted to make up for it he would make peace with the victim, if you rape a child you have giving your self a life sentence to not be trust around kids, hands down. like i said if you were a believing jw you would have better words and not cuss like you do,your all over the place

  • jgnat

    The Statute of Limitations varies from State to State and in some cases does not expire. There's nothing stopping you from reporting what you know. Leave it up to the police to investigate further...or not. Perhaps they may consider it worthwhile to check in to what the "model brother" has been up to lately. Perhaps a little child porn on his computer?

    Honey, if you are my age, your life is barely half over. Sad that you've given up already.

  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    Aunt CONnie has a great ability to make people laugh from the ridiculousness she posts here.

  • flipper

    AUNT CONNIE- Do you realize how skewed and messed up your reasoning is ? Apparently not. Your statement, " The victim is related to me, I hate them for bringing down a man whose mistake was over twenty years ago ! "

    Oh- I see. So THAT makes it O.K. to set aside child abuse if it happened twenty years ago ? Just go after the recent pedophiles ? It's still considered a felony crime in the United States of America lady ! I HATE your attitude of siding with criminal child molesters who abuse children and your siding with an organization and husband that allow it, turn the other cheek towards it, and fail to prosecute criminally other child molesters in your JW organizations midst. You need to reconsider your views or else go see a local psychiatrist to deal with your skewed loyalties

  • Splash

    Instead of framing your posts in terms of "weak witness" and "strong witness", try using "victim" and "pedophile".


  • NeverKnew

    This was an enlightening article I read that was written by a prisoner who inadvertently befriended Sam Teague. Despite the fact that Sam got a sentencing reprieve, he was no closer to cured.

    Professionals in this field deem pedophila as "incurable." What makes you and your husband professionals?

    You have stated your belief of this being the only place you can come to be honest, but you know that some here have been hurt by the very actions your threads address. I'd like to believe your challenges are sincere, but it seems like you're intentionally tossing fuel into a grill of hot coals to see what happens. That in and of itself speaks volumes about you as a person.

    Not cool...

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