April 15, 2013 Watchtower - p. 22-26: Organization-Obsessed Much???

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  • Gayle

    just scanned thru very quickly..page 32,,was article of JWs going to prison during wwI, this sentence got me: "

    Although our position as Christian neutrals may not have been

    fully understood by our brothers nearly a century ago, they sought

    to please Jehovah God.**************************************************************************************************************************


  • Gayle


    fact was, that the Headquarters made all these men to please the Headquarters/organization. Most would have chosen alternative service but that wasn't allowed without penalty to be "DA'd" Makes me so angry as their half-truth of theirs. making this decision was the lowly young men,but it was organization's rule. Ugh,,they had to live their lives with prison records,,and the baggage of all that.

    Wonder, what some felt when now it changed that they can do alternative service?

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