April 15, 2013 Watchtower - p. 22-26: Organization-Obsessed Much???

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    There's a study article "Make Sure of the More Important Things", and in no uncertain terms the article makes clear that "Jehovah's organization" is the most important thing.

    The term "organization" or "Jehovah's organization" is used a whopping 24 times in the article, including a subheading titled: "FOLLOW THE EXAMPLE OF JEHOVAH'S ORGANIZATION". I thought organizations were entities, but that sort of subheading makes it seem like the organization is one giant person whose example we can follow. I mean, I know that's probably not what they meant, but it's...unsettling to hear a phrase like that. When an organization is held up as an example to be followed, rather than Jesus, for instance, I mean, dude.

    Speaking of Jesus, he's mentioned in various forms, Jesus/Son/Christ, all of 18 times in this article. Jesus actually gets less mentions than the organization. What a shocking turn of events!

    "For Christ's followers to be successful, the work would need to be well-organized."--paragraph 10, p. 25. The Father, Son, and holy spirit working 24-7 can't get the preaching work done without us to fill out the paperwork!

    "Do we take time to periodically reflect on the workings of Jehovah's organization?"--paragraph 16, p. 26. There's something unsettling about that one...reminds me of how they would encourage people to meditate on things that Jehovah has done for us. But there's an extra word in there somewhere...

    "Meditating on what Jehovah is accomplishing through his organization is good for us. Along with this wonderful organization, may we be resolved to keep focused on the more important things."--paragraph 17, p. 26. <--Man, that line sounds like it could be from one of my parody articles!

    There's a lot more going in this article, but...to me it really sounds perilously close to worship of the organization. Well, I guess I ought to skim the next one, because I have a feeling it gets worse from there...


  • sd-7

    Back to the top, like citizens of Gotham scrambling to stay in the sun...


  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Bloody Hell how Orwellian does it get?

  • Balaamsass

    They are going to fire Jesus...and replace him with the governing body...oh wait...I saw the picture on the other thread..they already did.

  • sd-7

    p. 27: "Are we personally in step with this wonderful organization?"

    p. 31: "What a privilege it is to live in these last days and to be part of Jehovah's incredible organization!"

    So now the organization has been praised as "wonderful" and "incredible". I mean, even Jesus doesn't get this kind of praise in a Watchtower article. Wonderful???? Incredible??? It's an organization! I bet you'd probably raise eyebrows if you called Jesus 'wonderful' and 'incredible' in a talk.

    Wow. Second article mentions "organization" 15 times. Governing Body gets two mentions (nods to the Writing and Teaching Committees there), plus a mention of 'anointed who are taking the lead in the organization' and anointed already in heaven who will help Jesus conquer those rebelling against Jehovah. Jesus gets mentioned 6-7 times.

    Well...I'm officially creeped out...again.


  • sd-7

    p. 27: "The visions recorded in Ezekiel chapter 1 and Daniel chapter 7 vividly portray Jehovah maneuvering matters to a grand climax."

    Now maybe I just have a dirty mind, one which I've thankfully already confessed to the elders (see p. 31, par. 17, Anne, the once and future pioneer who lived a double life--perhaps a fling with Andre after a long, sweaty day of return visits??), but that sounds a lot like spiritual masturbation to me. A vivid portrayal of Jehovah maneuvering matters to a grand climax? Talk about spiritual pornography! Divine judgment explodes all over mankind's face!


  • Malsonilla

    "Meditating on what Jehovah is accomplishing through his organization is good for us. Along with this wonderful organization, may we be resolved to keep focused on the more important things."--paragraph 17, p. 26

    TRANSLATION: Stuff your feelings of discouragement, suppress any feelings of doubt, and drown all questions and critical thinking that might take root in your mooshy brain and let the brainwashing take you back down to the place where you are dead inside and methodically peddle WT publications at your own expense, don't for get to push some coin the in the contribution box for the worldwide work, and whenever you receive a voluntary donation for the literature you already paid for, THAT also should go to the organization.

  • C.O.B.E.Beef

    I read these today, seems like a golden calf moment to me.

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  • maninthemiddle

    This didn't get any love in the other thread I posted it in, but it seems important to me.

    Same Article as above.

    14 In like manner, the great crowd fully

    supports the work of Christ’s anointed

    brothers who are still on earth and

    who are taking the lead in the organization

    today. (Read Zechariah 8:23.)

    Zechariah says this:

    23 “This is what Jehovah of armies has said, ‘It will be in those days that ten men * out of all the languages * of the nations + will take hold, + yes, they will actually take hold of the skirt of a man * who is a Jew, *+ saying: “We will go with YOU people, + for we have heard [that] God * is with YOU people.”’” +

    So is the great crowd trying to sneak into the kingdom now? Being "let" in by the annointed? Begging to be let in?

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