April 15, 2013 Watchtower - p. 22-26: Organization-Obsessed Much???

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  • sd-7

    So is the great crowd trying to sneak into the kingdom now? Being "let" in by the annointed? Begging to be let in?

    Yeah. Guess the anointed are sort of like Theocratic Bouncers for Club Paradise Earth...better be on the list...


  • unstopableravens

    funny because jesus is called wonderful in is 9:6


    Jehovah`s Organization = The WBT$ Governing Popes..


    I`m Replaced by WatchTards?!!..

    ................................... mutley-ani1.gif ...OUTLAW

  • Finkelstein

    The term "organization" or "Jehovah's organization" is used a whopping 24 times in the article, including a subheading titled: "FOLLOW THE EXAMPLE OF JEHOVAH'S ORGANIZATION".

    Shouldn't be surprising since this religious organization has had a long continuing list of false doctrines and bullshit, intensionally put forth

    to proliferated their own published goods.

    And the inter-net has just made matters worse than ever before.

  • jamiebowers
    p. 27: "The visions recorded in Ezekiel chapter 1 and Daniel chapter 7 vividly portray Jehovah maneuvering matters to a grand climax."
    Now maybe I just have a dirty mind, one which I've thankfully already confessed to the elders (see p. 31, par. 17, Anne, the once and future pioneer who lived a double life--perhaps a fling with Andre after a long, sweaty day of return visits??), but that sounds a lot like spiritual masturbation to me. A vivid portrayal of Jehovah maneuvering matters to a grand climax? Talk about spiritual pornography! Divine judgment explodes all over mankind's face!

    Impressive; a brilliant and nasty mind you have, LOL!


    No Jesus in WatchTower World!!..

    Just WBT$ Governing Popes..

    Sitting in WBT$ Fancy Pope Chairs..

    Nobody else Gets a Nice Chair!..

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  • WTWizard

    This is just like Pharisaic Judaism. In that, they abide by what the Pharisees say instead of their original laws. If the Pharisees say that something constitutes "work", it constitutes "work" and you do not argue with it, even if it says nowhere in the written law about it. Not to mention they are actually "trusting in nobles", even though their own LIE-ble warns people not to place your trust in nobles. Worshiping a group of men, after being told how bad idolatry is. At that, a group of men that are blatantly scumbags.

    If this religion were genuinely pure Christian, and I am not pretending it to be any more (I was presented with a pure Christian religion), why are they putting a group of men [idolatry] before the one being that Christians place first? According to Christian theology, it was Jesus and not a group of old men that provided a means to salvation. And they themselves present Original Sin, then the ransom as the "solution" to the "problem". Once you present that as fact, and then you get a group of old fogeys (killjoys) to make rules that supersede Jesus (who is claimed to have provided the ransom), you no longer have a full Christian religion but one that is taking on Jewish (Pharisaic Jewish at that--which they gleefully bash) characteristics. At which point, they are no longer billing themselves accurately as being Christian.

    At least I am not in any position where I have to abide by Jesus or the LIE-ble. I no longer claim mankind to be in a state of Original Sin, hence no need for a ransom and no Jesus. Nor do I abide by any joke-hova or allah, so I am not bound to those books. If they are going to practice a Jewish-Christian hybrid religion, they too need to decouple from this original sin doctrine and not claim to be full Christian or to abide by the whole LIE-ble.

  • Vanderhoven7

    marked for borrowing

  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    Where do I get a copy of this magazine? It is not on the official Watcchtower.org website. There the magazines go only upto the March 15 edition.

  • Marcial

    Utilise podcast sur jw org via yahoo ou google pour obtenir les WT qui ne sont pas encore accessibles au public



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