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    They left out three VERY important parts of the organization:

    1. Legal Department

    2. Real Estate Acquisitions and Sales

    3. Regional Building Committees

  • Gayle

    1. Legal Department

    2. Real Estate Acquisitions and Sales


    They are there, right behind the curtains, behind the GB.

  • LostGeneration

    Hey Gayle,

    Sometimes the mag is up but they don't post it to the main page for whatever reason. If you "copy link" for the March edition, and then paste it in the address bar, but don't hit enter. Go to the part of the address where the month is, and change it. For example, March is "03" for the third month, change it to "04" for April.

    If they have it there it comes up!


    It would be nice to place the WT picture next to this pyramid.

    Calvin Rouse describes himself as "general counsel for the National Organization of Jehovah's Witnesses out of Brooklyn, New York."

    While representing one of the defendants during a trial held in San Mateo County Court in Redwood City, California, on February 22, 2012, Rouse made this amazing statement:

    "Ordinarily, I wouldn't be here, but this is one our 13,000 congregations in the United States. We are a heirarchial religion structured just like the Catholic Church..."

  • Gayle

    Many thanks,,LostGeneration,,it was simple, but I typically have to make such things harder. Appreciate.

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