New Jehovah

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  • maninthemiddle

    this caught my eye.

    14 In like manner, the great crowd fully

    supports the work of Christ’s anointed

    brothers who are still on earth and

    who are taking the lead in the organization

    today. (Read Zechariah 8:23.)

    Zechariah says this:

    23 “This is what Jehovah of armies has said, ‘It will be in those days that ten men * out of all the languages * of the nations + will take hold, + yes, they will actually take hold of the skirt of a man * who is a Jew, *+ saying: “We will go with YOU people, + for we have heard [that] God * is with YOU people.”’” +

    So is the great crowd trying to sneak into the kingdom now? Be "let" in by the annointed?

  • gone for good
    gone for good

    Waiting for newspectacles here- but I see a table ...and under the table dealings such as

    1. Liars... lawyers.. can't make it out

    2. Real estate cons..committed...

    3. ...3?... looks like a professioal spin doctor

    4. is easy... another Judicial Comedy - don't need specs for that one.

    5. is logically the public disfellowshooting

    6. are all the remaining sheep...looks like ones heading for disfellowshooting for not wearing a tie and

    the other one is smiling about how well her 'fade' is progressing on this locely day.

    Nope, no noo-lite here .. maybe I don't even need those glasses!

  • redvip2000


    This image is a disgrace. More and more the focus is on subjection to the organization. Jesus has been relegated to a nobody in the JW (un)christian organization.

  • LostGeneration

    red- Yeah there are two full WT study articles in that issue going on and on and on about the b0rg. Definitely must-miss Sundays if you are still in for any reason.

  • Londo111

    Steven Hassan describes a cult as "a pyramid-shaped authoritarian regime with a person or group of people that have dictatorial control."

    How kindly the "Slave" illustrated this for us!

  • wasblind


  • Gayle

    jnat,,hey, this thread you've topped.,, the GB have better seats than the PEWS of the elitest of other religions,,better than rabbis of Jesus time too.

  • MrFreeze

    Kind of hard for them to deny a hierarchy with this crap.

  • jam

    hummm, no necktie in service.

  • Honesty
    cobaltcupcake: Yeah! I thought Jesus Christ was the head of the Christian congregation.

    He is.

    That is why you don't see Him anywhere in that picture.

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