New Jehovah

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  • Theocratic Sedition
    Theocratic Sedition

    lol Jgnat!

  • unstopableravens

    this is joke right? sick stupid wt, i guess the term faithful and discreet slave is phizzing out ,because the gb only act as the fds, watch its goibg to be gb alot more than fds!

  • sir82

    Also significant is the fact that "the congregation" is ranked 5, while "individual publishers" are no. 6.

    I.e., you, personally, don't mean jack $#!+. "The congregation" as a whole is worth more than any individual.

    I.e., got any cause for concern about how you personally have been treated? Pioneer insults you? Sister Holy slanders you? Brother Elder rapes your kid? Tough titties, loser! Suck it up! "The congregation" is far more important than you are!

    These people are getting more sociopathic by the month.


    Isn't the dude on the throne Jesus?

    NO. THAT IS JEHOVAH . Jesus is never shown operating the celestial chariot. When the JW's show Jehovah they never show a face. They always show Jesus' face.

  • LostGeneration

    Yeah thats gotta be Jah up there on top, just realized he has an upgraded "pimp my ride" chariot..

    Maybe that is Jesus on the lower right. Usually they give him a golden headband or a scepter or something important. If it is him, he is probably getting tired of floating around for 99 years now.

    edit: I guess it isn't him, that guy has wings...They don't ever have Jesus with wings do they?

  • Londo111

    DD: These were quotes that jumped out at me while I was skimming the magazine.

    Skimming is about all I can do nowadays.

  • Londo111

    In JW theology, Jesus is not above the organization, but a primary member of it.

    I remember during the Watchtower when they reviewed Peter’s words, “To whom shall we go away to?” The Watchtower conductor asked the audience, “Back then, Peter said this to Jesus, but who do we have today in Jehovah’s organization?”

  • pixel


    They have Jesus with wings. One example is last week WT Study. For some reason he is always a white guy...

    On other note: hey GB/FDS, all of those are titles!!! Man-made titles!! Not even one is supported by the Scriptures, aside from "congregation".


    If you look closely you will see a second angel in the background. So the more visible angel is not supposed to be Jesus. I was just being a smart ass when I asked that. Jesus is nowhere in the picture even though he is ruling EVERYTHING in heaven and earth.


    Thats not a chariot God is on..

    It`s the floor in the attic at WBT$ HeadQuarters..

    The WBT$ Governing Popes keep God in the Attic at Bethel..

    Let me out of the Attic you..

    WBT$ Governing Pope S.O.B`s!!..

    .......................  mutley-ani1.gif ... OUTLAW

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