Is God Truly Omnipotent??

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  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    While acknowledging God as the most powerful force in the Universe, I wonder if He is omnipotent. This thought came to me as I watched an old Star Trek: TNG, where everyone's favorite fictional omnipotent being, Q, was featured.

    If He is omnipotent, why could He not remove the "bitter cup" of suffering from Christ in the Garden? If He could have redeemed mankind without the suffering and death of His Only Son? If He established all the rules, couldn't He have said, "Heck, it was only a piece of fruit...don't worry about it!"

    My understanding is that God's sense of justice requires that He live by a set of established rules, and that had not He required it, no redemption, or atonement, could have been made. This is the message of the whole New Testament. The logic is that had removing the bitter cup been an option, any Father who Loved His Son would have opted for it. Certainly anyone who comprehends the barbarism and cruelty of the Romans, combined with the pains He had to suffer in the Garden, would have to ask why it was necessary.

    Another thing is the creation. According to the scriptures, it took Him seven days, or eras, to create the Earth. Had He been completely omnipotent, why didn't He just "speak" the Earth into existence? The Hebrew words describing the creation seem to describe an organization of existing materials. It does not indicate a speaking, and then it happened, situation. Geology seems to indicate that it took many years to organize and prepare the Earth. Q could have just snapped his fingers and the Earth would have been there in a flash of white light! Total time, two seconds. But of course that's fiction.

    Reading the scriptures, I can't find anything to indicate that God has unlimited power, not in the sense of this fictional character.

    What do YOU think?

  • EntirelyPossible

    If he is, then there is no free will.

  • Bobcat

    Cold Steel:

    Since you brought up "Q," and of course, STNG is just fiction which I've enjoyed. But one of the things in the Q episodes that always bugged me was Capt. Picard's attitude towards Q. They were supposedly out there to learn, and here shows up someone who has all kinds of knowledge and abilities to give them answers to scientific and other problems. And the only thing Picard can do is take offense at Q for daring to interrupt their voyage.

    On the subject of Omnipotence, I personally believe that God is, but that the creation of other creatures requires, on His part, a certain degree of relinquishing of His power and free will. Not all that different from when a single man decides to marry or when a couple decides to have children. Allowing other persons into one's life requires restrictions on the part of the one(s) allowing it.

    Back to Q, the character appeared to have the personality that with a few compliments, he would have been more than happy to grant any requests.

  • jwfacts

    Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnibenevolence are in my opinion just cop-out terms. Humans describe God with these infinite terms because they are impossible for finite beings to comprehend, yet none of them make any logical sense.


    Cold Steel "While acknowledging God as the most powerful force in the Universe..."

    God is not a He - no dangly bits.

    I woke up this morning and realized that God is just another name for the universe.

    Everything comes out of the universe.

    Everything is in the universe.

    Everything is part of the universe.

    We are all an expression of the universe and fashioned from the universe.

    It’s all so beautiful, groovy and so easy to understand man.

  • flamegrilled

    To me omnipotence means that there is no single act that he is not capable of doing.

    There are two significant factors in that definition:

    1) It simply says that there is nothing he is not capable of doing, but does not imply that he ought to do any particular act. So he has the unlimited potential to do anything, while at the same time remaining selective in terms of how he uses that potential.

    2) I define it as "a single act" because when we look at situations involving multiple variables there are conflicts and paradoxes that arise. Is God capable of both killing me eternally and keeping me alive eternally at the same time in a single universe? The fact that this is not possible for God does not in any way detract from his omnipotence. It's just that we are capable of phrasing paradoxical questions that are outside of the realm of reality.

    So could God have remove the cup from Jesus? Yes, as a single act he was obviously capable of doing so. But if he was going to do that then probably he could have avoided a lot of time wasting by wiping out Adam and Eve at the outset and starting again. Just because he was fully capable of doing something different does not mean that he will do so if it is not the best action. To assume that it was the best action is to work on the premise that there is nothing more important than for a loving Father to keep his Son from pain. Clearly from God's perspective this is not the case. There may have been nothing more painful than to watch his Son suffer and die, but that is a different matter from what he decided was most important and the price he was prepared to pay (John 3:16)

  • EdenOne

    "omnipotence means that there is no single act that he is not capable of doing"

    I would challenge that. Doesn't Titus 1:2 say that God cannot lie?


  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Interesting responses. Do you all think that comprehending God is impossible?

    Flamegrilled talked about God "[deciding] was most important and the price he was prepared to pay (John 3:16)." But paid to whom? In a transaction, one must pay and one must receive. Jesus paid the price of sin, but who or what, established that price of sin? It was a blood sacrifice of a sinless being, and that's repeated in the New Testament.

    Omnipotent can mean either "unlimited power; able to do anything" or it can mean the "ultimate power, or having as much power as possible." Are there any restrictions on God and what made Satan think he could dethrone God? Where would he get the power or glory? It's not explained in the Bible?

  • mrsjones5

    Sometimes a young buck tries to overthrow the old buck. It's the circle of life. Love the Q pic. Overbites drive me crazy.

  • cantleave

    No! God is impotent.....he needs

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