Is God Truly Omnipotent??

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  • frankiespeakin

    Well I'm thinking everything in the universe is made of "nothing" +1-1=0 but nothing is very unstable and so out of this nothing come an infinite quantity of universes some spawn life some don't.

    I don't think a bronze age god would have such powers as the minds that thought him up didn't even know about electromagnitism, photons, or just how big this universe is, infact in the minds of those who imagined this bronze age diety the earth was just a floating land mass in the sea, or something like that. That being the common understanding and world view, I don't even think they had such a term that would be equivalent to our modern day "Omnipotent". So clearly such a claim come from people of our time, as such could not be taught because, back during the time the bible was being written and rewritten thier world view was very limited and not like today.

    It is a tribal diety that grew to a national diety to a world diety depending on the time in which people lived, and now with all this new understanding of the world and the cosmos many are enlarging the power of this diety to fit the new paradigm when such was never implied or intended in such ancient writtings.

  • jwfacts

    ColdSteel - Do you all think that comprehending God is impossible?

    That depends on who God is. Every religious tenets has a different definition. Christians hold many different opinions as to who the creator is too. Possibly humans could comprehend God, but only if God provided a solid definition as a starting place.

  • insearchoftruth4

    Cold Steel, "God is the most powerful force IN the universe"?? HE created the universe, HE created everything! but is NOT in His creation, that is why He forbids imagery- Ex 20, Deut. 5. Did HE remove the bitter cup of HIS beloved servant Jesus in the garden? Heb. 5:7 says of He did. When you closely at the gospels eg. Matt. 27:45 thru 54 it doesn't line up. Cross reference with the other gospel accounts. "Heck, it was just a piece of fruit" yeah! common sense is I forgive you!!!. Atonement, blood sacrifice for Adams sin? Ezek 18:20 says it different. There is a truckload of PROOF!!! Your sense of justice is RIGHT ON imo. Shoot me pm if you want, I'll give you the links.......Insotr4

  • xchange

    It's times like this where I wish god would answer this for himself/herself/itself/ unkown instead of forcing us humans to use conjecture and guess what he/she/it/unknown is actually capable of.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    What God am I speaking of? Your God, whatever you envision Him, Her or It to be.

    Did God organize Earth from existing matter or did he "speak" the matter into existence? If the Universe was created in one cosmic bang, there would be a conversion of energy to matter. It's possible that God then took that matter and began forming, or organizing, worlds. It seems to me, though, that if God could just snap His fingers and create a fully formed earth, why would it take Him thousands if not millions of years? I don't know what JWs believe, but I know Evangelicals who believe it was seven 24-hour days.

    The issue of omnipotence also raises the question that if we become "joint heirs with Christ" and "inherit all that the Father has," what will be we do to pass the time in the eternities? Sing and play harps? Or will God simply place us on a garden world to spend eternity hiking, having family reunions, barbecues, and such?

  • mP

    Of course he is, thats why hes such a clear writer thats writes text that is above confusion. Im not sure why we have 30k+ xian religions, when the Bible is written in such a concise manner.

  • OnTheWayOut

    As far as the God of the old testament goes, I don't think the creators of YHWH (or any name you choose to give him) meant to have an omnipotent God. But subsequent writers kept making him more powerful until he had to be omnipotent.

    They probably had to edit some writings to agree with others but their re-writes were sloppy and they wound up with a limited limitless God.

  • flamegrilled

    I would challenge that. Doesn't Titus 1:2 say that God cannot lie?

    Edenone - agreed. But this is not reflective of a lack of power. Omnipotence means "all powerful". Therefore he has the power to lie, but his nature restricts him from doing so.

    In a transaction, one must pay and one must receive.

    Cold Steel - when I used the term "the price he was prepared to pay" I didn't use it in the sense of a transaction. I know that some people try to explain the ransom in this way, but that is not my understanding. We can use the term "paying the price" without a transaction being involved. For example in a negative way we could say "Jimmy played on the railroad tracks despite his mother's warning, and he paid the price". The price was not paid to anyone. There was no beneficiary. It simply means that something was given up.

  • konceptual99

    If God created the universe then surely he has to be outside of it. He cannot be the most powerful force in the universe, just acting upon it.


  • PSacramento

    How do you define omnipotence?

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