When do you think there will be a revised "Reasoning Book"

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  • blondie

    On a sidepoint, the WTS has never studied the Mankind's Search for God book (released in 1990) at a book study or through #1 talks at the TMS although it has questions. I kept waiting and asking and here in 2013, almost 23 years later....still waiting.

    I went through all the publications to see what was scheduled to study at the book study from 1990 to now...that book never appears. I have had people who say they remember it, but the WT publications do no bear it out.

    I asked about the reasoning book too but said there were not enough changes to warrant re-printing; that was 12 years ago. Since most jws use the "society says" approach and do not "reason" using the Bible, I'm sure the WTS sees it as a waste of money.

    *** km 9/90 p. 2 Meetings to Help Us Make Disciples ***

    Are You Equipped for the Field? Outline essentials for field service bag, including Bible, Reasoning From the Scriptures, the booklet Good News for All Nations, tracts, pencil, current offer and magazines, house-to-house record, and so forth. Being mentally equipped calls for review of points to be highlighted in literature. Also, pray for holy spirit and help in finding sheeplike ones

  • wasblind

    Thanks wasblind! Do you happen to have the comment about generations on page 239?

    When I would lead groups for field service I tried to always pick out something from the Reasoning Book.____Mr. Freeze

    " ( The "generation " that was alive at the begining of fulfillment of the sign in 1914 is now well along in years. The time remaining must be very short. World conditions give every indication that this is the case )."________Reasonong book page 239

    All through the Reasoning book the WTS says this " WILL " Happen. They teach in the

    Benefit From Theocratic Ministry School Education book , in chapter 32 how to express this bull wit' conviction


    What you need to do ??

    " Speak in a manner that shows you are fully convinced of the truthfulness and importance of what you are saying."______Benefit from Theocraic Ministry school book page 194

    Jehovah's Wtinesses are goin' D2D trynna convince folks that the lies they tell are the truth


  • Fed-up

    Who needs a Reasoning Book when the new witnessing is just standing at a booth handing out Bibles?

  • wasblind

    Who needs a reasoning book ??? _______Fed up

    The ability to reason takes time, especialy if you have been in a cult

    and have not learned how to reason on your own

    Why do you think the WTS had a " Reasoning book " in the first place ?

    was it because you already knew how ????? I think not

    This is a religion that tells you how much paper to use in the bathrooms

    at assemblies

    What the WTS wants, and have hope for, is that all ex-JW's

    would throw thier old literature in the trash. As in ( Who needs a Reasoning book ???) That way when you confront

    them wit' anything other than thier own literature they can call you a lyin' apostate

    I believe that the WTS know they will bite the dust some losin' a few sheep

    while tryin' to incorporate onto the internet. But the use of the inertnet

    will be easier for the society to change the things that had been written

    therefore , no trace of a false prophecy

    That's probably why they are trynna crack down on cut and paste

    of thier material. No matter what they change in their online literature

    Ex- witnesses defeat their purpose usin' cut and paste

    of their " Old Light "



    Those who trust that the WTS will own up to their lies, feel free to get rid of everything


  • scotoma

    My own personal favorite Reasoning book. It runs in price from 1.25 for a used paper back up to 150.00 for a new hard cover at amazon.

    Favorite bathroom reading. Contains 60 common fallacies. Gives examples of how to use these in overturning arguments.

  • FadeToBlack

    Never. Dustbin material, Only tracts with illustrations. I seriously doubt they will ever print another book.

  • sir82

    They may just let it die.

    There was a service meeting part last month on using JW.org, on a tablet or phone, while standing at a householder's door, to answer questions.

    It used to be "whip out your reasoning book". Now it seems to be "whip out your ipad".

  • mP

    Whats the bet they wont release these "in depth" type of books and write wishy washy stuff and never give scriptures. I cant see any benefit from writing these types of books which are so easily disporved.

  • wasblind

    They may just let it die.

    There was a service meeting part last month on using JW.org, on a tablet or phone, while standing at a householder's door, to answer questions.

    It used to be "whip out your reasoning book". Now it seems to be "whip out your ipad"._______Sir82

    Yea, It's better to use electronics, that can be change in an instant and leave no trace of flip flops

    WTS literature leave tangible evidence around to be used against them to point out thier flaws

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Okay, I've got it:

    Reasoning From the Scriptures: The App

    Now available for iPhone and Android.

    New Light is available via Updates from the iTunes Store.

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