When do you think there will be a revised "Reasoning Book"

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  • 00DAD

    wasblind, thanks for crediting me with that little bit of "Theocratic Insight TM "!

    I'm glad I won't have to shut you down for copyright infringement.

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  • MrFreeze

    When I was at the pioneer school the CO told us to scratch out the last sentence of the definition given for "Last Days". I pulled out my reasoning book (the only things I kept from my JW stuff was my reasoning book that was binded to my NWT and the reference Bible). I can't read what it says, (because I scratched it out) but if I remember correctly it was something about the generation not passing away. This was a year or two before we had the overlapping generation new light.

    As someone here pointed out, also a few pages later they made us scratch some more out about the generation.

  • wasblind

    Here's the last part of the definition Mr. Freeze

    " The present wicked system of things, which extends worldwide, entered it's last days in 1914, and some of the generation alive then will also be on hand to witness its complete end in the " great tribulation"______Reasoning book page 234

    I don't care what the WTS change, it won't change the fact that they are false prophets.

    Question: If this religion is the truth, why change words that are supposedly true ?????


  • scotinsw

    They still use the reasoning book for the sisters talks.

    I recall that the original reasoning book came out in 1985 with an updated one in 1989. I was at a meeting a couple of years ago where the brother said (about having the 1989 one) "we wouldn't want to be using an out of date book". I sat there trying my best not to laugh as I was thinking how many doctrines have changed due to "noo lite" since 1989. They seriously don't have a clue!

  • Satanus

    The replacement will be called 'the governing body says'.


  • MrFreeze

    Thanks wasblind! Do you happen to have the comment about generations on page 239?

    When I would lead groups for field service I tried to always pick out something from the Reasoning Book.

  • scotoma

    There once was a book that basically was The Governing Body Said So

    you can read it here:


  • PeaceAtLast

    @Amelia Ashton - Thanks for starting this thread. I agree, the multitude of changes in the Revelation book was a huge "revelation" for me too.

    @scotoma - Thanks for sharing 1916 What Pastor Russell Said. The last sentence clearly sums up which generation would see the end.

    "Q852:2:: QUESTION--When will the world come to an end? (P.W.L.)
    ANSWER--According to the Scriptures the term "world"
    signifies age or dispensation. Three great worlds are outlined
    in the Divine Plan of the Ages, as revealed in the Bible. (See
    2 Pet. 3:5-13.) The first "world" or dispensation passed
    away at the time of the Flood. The second "world," or
    "present evil world," is likewise to pass away, in a fiery time
    of trouble--not a literal "fire," but a destructive season of
    lawlessness that will destroy the "elements"--labor,
    capitalistic, etc., etc., that go to make up the present social
    order. "The world to come wherein dwelleth righteousness"
    will never come to end, but is to continue throughout eternity. The world that now is"
    (Titus 2:12) is already being violently shaken, and is
    beginning to crumble away financially, politically, socially, and
    ecclesiastically. The evidences about us, in the fulfillment of
    the Scripture prophecies, are clear and strong that within the
    next decade, the new and better order ("the world to come")
    will be established in the earth.


  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Although the amendments in the Revelation book were not a huge "aha moment" at the time for me they would sometimes pop back into my head when something else came along that was slightly off kilter and eventually they were part of my big doubt s that the GB were not dispensing truth at the proper time and it was more like the time it was dictated was what made it relevant and not if it was "truth".

    Thanks for all the responses. I really hope they do publish a list of amendments as opposed to a whole new book. It might wake a few more up.

  • likeabird

    I waited for a new rs book for years - we never got one.

    Now my guess is they just don't want us to reason anymore.

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