My Humble Opinion of This Forum

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  • turtleturtle

    First off, I love frequenting this forum. It has given me the opportunity to TRULY put JW stuff to the test and I thank everyone for their helpful responses.

    However, I have noticed a couple things.

    1) The use of the word "troll" is completely childish. This is no different than the name calling used by JWs (e.g. apostate). I am actually surprised the admins lets people use that word, since it is unconstructive, a degrading name, and smacks of immaturity.

    2) Some posters are WAY to emotionally compromised by the discussions. They revert to acting like school children often, obviously because they feel either guilt, hatred, or extreme anger. Seriously, if you are really convinced that you are doing the right thing, you wouldn't be so emotionally compromised. Just take me for example! :)

    3) Finally, some posters really need to learn how logical fallacies work both ways. Being able to admit when you are wrong is a strength.

    Again, thanks to everyone (especially Atlantis) for helping me.

  • Cagefighter

    It's a bunch of recovering JWs...we are kind of screwed up people. We will try, but no promises. Welcome to the forum.

  • whathappened

    We all come here because we have been hurt by Watchtower lies.

    We need help to heal, the only way to do that is by discussing and learning the facts.

    This place should be a soft place to land, ( as Dr. Phil would say).

    Personal insults, disrespectful and offendindg remarks don't belong here.

    People should not be fearful to post because of attacks that may come their way.

  • fakesmile

    i agree with you're sentiment on the term troll. it is an exclusatory term for a person who doesnt agree with the pack. with so much political correctness floating around, the term should be little person with bad acne who has homesteaded the underside of a bridge, or is that a leprochaun? either way it is a derogatory term for an outsider. unfortunantly the same people have no understanding of cyber bullying. im not perfect nor is anyone else. i have offended and been offended... whateves. hang out, at least we all know we are messed up from the same religion. i hate all of you u but wouldnt consider hanging out anywhere else.

    happy new years everyone.

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer


    “People should not be fearful to post because of attacks that may come their way.”

    I don’t disagree with that, but I also think it’s important for folks to learn how the real world works, and it’s not always pretty or soft. Tis a hard lesson for sure, but a lesson that must be learned nevertheless.

    It’d be nice if folks could separate themselves from emotions when they participate here, but we humans just can’t help it sometimes. It’s part of the human territory.

    That said, to a large degree I think this place is more self-policing than most others precisely because of the extent of freedom extended by the site’s owners, administrators and moderators. In my view, they do things about as right as it can be done.

    Evidence of good management of this site is found in its long life, extent of participants and participation, and constant flow of new participants. There nothing else like it I know of.

    Marvin Shilmer

  • cyberjesus

    In my humble opinion of your humble opinion.. Someone who comes to a forum just to create controversy its called a Troll by the internet community. An apostate is someone who changes his religion... People are emotional because they are people, and people who write fallacies.... They do.

    the only rules of this forum are at the bottom of this page.

    Here you can say whatever you want to say until the mods decide you cant. Then you can still say it but you wont be able to write it for long.

    welcome to the free world of jwn.... Sort of

  • fakesmile

    cyber J. i agree with the assessment of troll. but do you not agree that an ex religion board is inherently controversal? hats off to the admins for letting conversations get heated but that is what this site is about. for the most part we all come from a similar background... especially us born ins. it is almost a social experiment in the different directions some of us have taken as clueless religious extremest after waking up.

  • fakesmile

    and i humbly apollogize to the folks i have disrespected with my carelessly worded posts. sick humor is one way of dealing with certain life experiences.

  • unstopableravens

    yeah i like when cyber makes fun of me for beleiving the truth about god

  • bsmart

    "i hate all of you u but wouldnt consider hanging out anywhere else. Happy new years everyone." fakesmile

    l.o.l. Happy new years back .

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