Poll---How Many Are Facebook Users & On Average How Often Are You On That Site?

by minimus 43 Replies latest jw friends

  • Dagney

    I am. Sweet Pea from here got me into FB, even though I was adverse to it at the start. Through FB I now have many friends, most from the exJW community, some from JWD/N, and some just by association.

    I post pretty mundane things when I feel like it, pics etc. What I love about it is I've now met about 20 people from around the world through the exJW FB connection, as well as ones I haven't met in person but have come to know through FB. Leaving JW left a gaping hole in my association, and with FB it doesn't feel quite as gaping.

    I check it all through the day and sometimes have running convos, like the one right now about sake and I just had a chat with JK666. Crumpet, who I never met personally but we have mutual friends from the UK, now lives in the Maldives. I love reading her posts and seeing her pics. This would be a friendship I would miss if I didn't have FB...along with many many others.

  • cantleave

    If I were a prospective employer, i would be interested to see how they really are, how they talk, etc. I know of a very sweet girl but on FB, she has the worst potty mouth!

    I can not see the correlation between how someone behaves on a social network site and professionally. My facebook has no profeesional connection that is what LinkedIn is for.

  • minimus

    I think that if a person constantly swore on FB, showed provocative pics, and generally sounded as if they were from the hood, I wouldn't necessarily want that type in my business nor their associates.

  • jeremiah18:5-10

    I'm on facebook a couple of times daily via my phone. Like to keep track of my friends and family. I've finally weeded out all of my former jw friends.

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    I just recently joined facebook. I check in every day, but I don't post a lot. I've been able to reconnect with some old friends which is nice.

  • HappyDad

    Many, many times during the day.

  • watson

    Avid facebook user. I like keeping in touch with family and friends. Got a fake facebook identity too, so I can snoop on JW sites.... LOL.

  • BluePill2


    Deleted my account and absolutely hate FB. Privacy is treated like an old dog bone.

    I don't need to be in touch with "old friends and family" I DA'ed myself 2 years ago, all my family is still in. No need to talk to them.

    Personal experiences:

    - After my DA JW started stalking me on FB, getting information from there and using it against me in the most pathetic ways.

    - Found out that I have a new girlfriend (not a Witness ) and started harrassing her, so that she had to block dozens of persons and constantly rejects fake FB friend requests. They made my Life hell for a couple of weeks.

    - Guys constantly "hitting" on my gf (she still has an account, I don't care what she does there, but it annoys me).

    I also regularly short their stock - making good money with the downfall

    I wish there was a way to short Watchtower stocks...

  • LisaRose

    I check once a day usually, I post maybe once a week. It's great for keeping up with people I don't see in person on a regular basis. I don't worry about privacy, I wouldn't put anything on there either private or controversial.

  • puffthedragon

    Im not a fan of fb, but its begining to make itself necessary to stay social, so I have it on my phone and check it often. I rarely post.

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