Are JW'S "hated" in all the world? Or...are they considered IRRELEVANT?

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  • Vidiot

    blondie - "Some jws blame being a jw for their treatment when they are just an asshole in general."

    Does seem to explain why the WTS and general assholery seems to be a better and better fit, these days.

  • kaik

    JW were persecuted in totalitarian regimes, and they were known at least under communism. Some areas had huge membership of JW especially in the minging districts. Eastern Slovakia was known to have villages were majority were JW. This was 25-35 years ago. After 1989, the membership started to stagnate and after several mishaps in 1994-1996, they been losing witnesses. I would guess that there is more ex-JW in former Czechoslovakia than active JW. They became rather obscure and unknown sect and very little penetration in otherwise deeply secular society. In 1950-1980, there were huge public trials where many JW were sent to prisons and labor camps. This attracted a mentality of martyrdom, because there are many individuals who feels that they need to sacrifice and die for faith. If you lived under Stalin era, JW offered hope of rescue in impending armageddon.

  • integ

    Some of them feel they are "Rocking the Nations". Hah. Yeah right. They aren't rocking jack squat. And i'm sure the trumpet blasts in Revelation were really these announcements from the podium at some conventions back in the 30's. Suuuuuuuure they were.

    The most irritating thing to me (at least one of the most irritating) is this pompous attitude from the society and the witnesses in general. Who the hell do these people think they are anyway?

    It's all just made up imaginary bullcrap.

    Yeah. I can't get thru a whole day w/out the witnesses making major news with their stunning message. Yes, the same one they've been spewing for decades.."The end is just around the corner".


    What's funny is, on one hand they exude this pompous attitude and promulgate it amongst the flock but if they are exposed as being the weak, ineffective, non-influential organization they really are, they just flip it to being picked on and presecuted like a defensless sheep that Jah will soon rescue and then exact his revenge on the bullies of the world.

    They've got an answer for everything.

  • dozy

    The problem with the JW leadership is that they live in their own bubble & think that people really care two hoots about JWs. In reality - as most of the posters have said - no-one cares. For 99.9% of people they are a complete irrelevance - just a very occasional nuisance call on a Saturday morning or an advertising leaflet trolley display to be ignored and walked around.

    When I mention to work colleagues that some of my extended family are JWs & they shun me , most look pretty blank. I sometimes ask them if they have had any experience of JWs and what they know about them. Some say they have never been called on in the ministry. Ever. Others mention if they are the religion that bans blood transfusions or maybe say that they used to have a neighbour or work mate or school friend that was a JW. And that`s about it. Most people mentally just file them in the box of slightly weird Christian sects , like the Mormons.

    At least Rutherford deliberately stirred up trouble to try to get JWs on the radar screen & get them persecuted. The ridiculous Finished Ministry book , for example. His letters to Hitler condemned thousands of JWs to die in concentration camps as it got Hitler's attention. And I`m still convinced that the idea behind the blood ban was partly to differentiate JWs from other religions and provide some kind of platform for publicity.

  • SuperBoy

    Here's an exchange on a local Facebook page.

    Picture the scene. JW's outside a local railway station.
    A commuter complains on the local page.
    Does a braying mob form?

    Read on...

    Anyone else find the fairly recent arrival of the large Jehovah's Witness magazine stand next to the Metro newspapers outside the railway station offensive? I've seen it in recent times but this morning I threw my toys out of the cot and complained. Station manager on duty didn't seem to know and the two dubious looking characters lingering back behind the cars said they'd had permission from the station manager. Find that hard to believe; anyone know what the rules are - if any - with this sort of promotion of religious propaganda?

    • Whilst I am really NOT a supporter of the jehovas witnesses - offensive? Really? From what I have seen the guy just stands there??
      Never seen him bothering anybody....
    • What was 'offensive' about it?
    • It is no more offensive than being constantly bombarded with rubbish from everywhere...just turning into a grumpy old woman. Drives me mad! haha
    • I don't find it offensive, just irritating. It's advertising a brand. Hopefully they are paying for their advertising space. We need less advertising.
    • I find most organised religion offensive. I'm not keen on religion myself.. Just thought there may have been something particularly offensive about this as haven't seen it (the joys of mat leave!) I find people ramming sport magazine in my face just as offensive.
    • But it isn't just a man holding mags. I just don't think their great big stand should be there, on station property, right by the door next to the Metros. It's probably all those memories of knocks at the door and feet wedged in so you couldn't close it when I was younger that set me off.
    • @Louise good for you that you mentioned it to station staff. I know it's all too easy to be offended by things these days, but a religion that preaches against homosexuality, among other things, shouldn't have place on a station property.
    • There is a big stand full of Watchtowers that has suddenly appeared outside the Natural History Museum in S. Ken as well. Its on the pavement that is public space, not NHM-owned, so I guess not much can be done. If Metro newspapers pays for their stand in CP Station, then the JW should also pay for theirs - if it is even allowed. I agree that the word 'offended' is a bit strong (doesn't offense require a directed comment?), but I really don't think proselytizing in public spaces leads to a better society. If its to be allowed, it needs to be completely equal access.
    • Some people have faith in God. Some people have faith in nothing. Neither is offensive really is it. Why don't we all calm down and recognise that not everyone agrees on everything. There that's better. Fetch me some dinner jazz and a custard cream.
    • I just stuck a fork in my eye
    • Offensive?? What a load of rubbish!! I find throwing your toys out of the pram for absolutely nothing offensive! From what I read the person isn't hurting anyone or begging for money, unlike the big issue sellers I see every 5 minutes!! I find nothing offensive about it but maybe that's just me being me. Oh and yes I was brought up a Jehovah witness!!
    • But I do find it offensive, for the very reasons that @Hannah has highlighted. So I can't feel happy about it outside the station. Am still curious about religious advertising on station property though.
    • Argue your own point. How is it offensive? How has a stand hurt you??
    • Paul Connor's photo.
    • Maybe you should try not looking at it!
    • Indoctrination of the young into an adult's chosen religion is the biggest sin of all. If God exists he/she would expect you to enjoy and explore life. Not live within the confines of man made organization just to secure a window seat.
    • Trying to brainwash people is offensive. you have all my support. Simon Spydr, that's a brilliant idea.
    • T here is big money in religion. Look at the KICC
    • Trying to brain wash people? So it stands to reason then that you are also offended by signs at the front of churches that day god loves you and then off course all the fundraising and charity work that the churches do for the homeless and under privileged..... The cheek of these institutions (let it be known that I am 100% atheist) but it's not like the guy is forcing you to read their crap is it.
    • i dont undderstand this im ofended craze .
    • I'm with you
    • It's a pity tony is banned.... He would have a field day with this
    • Offense by proxy. Bit of a luxury really.
    • For me it's about where it is. It being on station property that feels inappropriate. But if JW have legitimate permission from TFL and have paid for the space, then yes, I must just avert my offended eyes. Because, yes, it is personal. Last year one of the evangelical churches in the Triangle tacked up a large advertising banner on my children's school fence on Auckland Road, on school property, which I found wholly inappropriate. They did not have the school's permission, and it would never have been given. So we got it taken down quite rightly. The church were furious and the pastor harassed us.
    • Standing at a train station with a magazine is a bit different to an AK47 you got to say
    • its perception, just because an individual is offended,that is their problem. its when the majority agree that it offends it becomes offensive. I'm sure the person at the train station isn't saying that to people when they walk past!
    • too many people are too easily offended nowadays - get over it - if i want to wear a cross around my neck, or draw cartoons of mohammed or watch porn - its my perogative, being offended is not the same as being attacked.
    • so what is the matter with being offended by something? - so be offended and get over it
    • I am offended by street preachers - but so what! i just walk on by, sometimes if i'm in the frame of mind I will go and offend them and tell them "youre offending me because what you are saying is bullshit" - hopefully that offends them back - but i keep my AK47 in my bag
    • god knows . im sitting here giggling though lol
    • I am offended at how the Americans are killing each other on a daily basis indiscriminately because of their gun laws - i think we should go and invade America and take all the guns off the civilians over there.
    • Exactly - it offends me at their stupidity and carelessness - we need to invade and teach them the right way
    • cos he was stupid and careless
    • now that offended me
    • I find smug Dawkins-esque bourgeois dinner party atheism an affront to my value system. I am going to get very angry about this and comfort eat 5 gluten free cup cakes in a row. Then sink into self-loathing
    • Move over Oscar Wilde. Ire's in town.
    • Why? What is wrong with the world today?
    • Will somebody please remove these cutleries from my knees. " It's rather the same at Brixton, religious fanatics of the ecstatic christian kind, bellowing through large and loud PA systems. Right to express beliefs sure, but to be an aural nuisance?
    • There everywhere helpppppppp......
    • dont wory bout it , makes life more colourfull...
    • There should be one general rule for all religious proselytisers. Keep the noise down.
    • freedom of expression is a human right, to try and silence anyone is of the despotic mind
    • Well very hilarious R--- but no one is actually saying that.
    • saying what ?
    • that he is 'polluting our lives' , it's more a mild irritation. Personally I wish all religions would keep it to themselves and leave the rest of us alone.
    • last thing i want is any body getting ofended ....
    • It's your spelling that offends me most R---!
    • im dyslexic and drives me more nuts than u can imagine...
    • I dont think the LSD in the 80's helped though R---
    • Did any1 1 find out if the fella thats wasting his life being ignored by commuters have permission to do it tho?
    • I went to a JW wedding once, it's a long story, but let's say the best mans speach wouldn't have won any Perrier comedy awards.
    • My aunt is a JW. She is a mature and single lady and the JW community is incredibly supportive. I am an atheist and she knows this and we get on wonderfully. If only everyone could see positives instead of negatives and stop judging each other. Too much daily mail culture everywhere right now
  • emeth

    Jesus and his first followers were thought to be irrelavant too

  • Vidiot

    integ - "Some of them feel they are 'Rocking the Nations'."


    That would be Nickelback.

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