Are JW'S "hated" in all the world? Or...are they considered IRRELEVANT?

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  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Life in a spiritual compound

  • erbie

    I think they lend themselves way too much credit.

    People of the world see them as of no consequence whatsoever.

    Just another man-made religion.


    Being raised a dub, I must say that I have never been hated by anyone. Some people thought I was a little weird growing up, which I was, but they were always tolerant of my beliefs. I think the R&F dubs ( not the super zealous elite ) are viewed as pretty " normal ".

    You can work with some dubs and really like them, especially the ones that are not hardcore. Think of how few people are even aware of what jw's believe. The biggest scandals in dub-land are a blip on the radar and then disappear.

    They aren't " hated " anymore than other dangerous religious groups. If dubs were not so extreme, they would probably be left alone entirely, which would not further their agenda.

    So my opinion is that the world in general doesn't know hardly anything about them, let alone hate them. It seems that the Organization has really had to go out of it's way in the past to either orchestrate, or exaggerate persecution to perpetuate this idea of hatred and futher their Organizational goals.


    It's interesting to me that when they want to be persecuted to make the scriptures apply, they claim they are persecuted and hated by everyone. Yet there's always that part before district conventions where they discuss how much hotel staff love them for being clean and well behaved, and how people come up and tell them how well behaved and well dressed their children are, and how much everyone loves them.

    I really don't think they're as hated or as loved as they claim. There's the occasional joke, and the occasional person who thinks they are nuts, but in my experience, they're not even on most people's radar.

  • Balaamsass

    I have met older people who hated JWs...usually older people from Rutherfords day who had been exposed to Newspaper headlines, picketing (information marches),radio, and soundcars. A few hate JWs who were married to one, robbed, etc.

    In the last 20 years I have met NO one under 45 who knows much of anything about JWs...or cares. When living in different areas of the USA, I noticed more and more the territories are worked mid-week by "pioneers and die hards"(when no one is home), the NHs are worked mid-week (when no one is home), and the final 3rd try is a Saturday quick doorbell ring by the donut shop crowd. Even when I WAS a JW (and happed to be home on SAT ) I couldn't get to the front door FAST ENOUGH to answer it before they had left the neighborhood for the coffee shop.



  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    interesting point Balaam. Back then, it took extraordinary measures to get the JW's on the radar. Books that outright called the churches, instruments of satan. Sandwich signs that called religion a racket and a snare. All just to make some insignificant point about being hated.

    Since no GB member would instigate this now. It's just WT after WT of dribble and news about the avocado.

  • sooner7nc

    My impression is that the majority of people don't give two shits about JW's. I feel that one reason is the terrible job they do in their ministry. I can just about feel the apathy oozing out of them when I see them in public and I would imagine that others see it and just can't take them seriously.

  • sooner7nc

    Spot on Balaam.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I volunteered for Obama and allowed my home to be used for canvassing door to door on weekends. The staff wanted to know if I were familiar with canvassing. I told them I attended a paid campaign school to refine my techniques. My real credentials were being raised as a Jehovah's Witnesses. I accompanied my mom in field service before I was born. Everyone was laughing and joking about my statement. I said you think you know from Obama Camp training. Ha, wait until you learn from a true JW master.

    A woman arrived later. There was a slight reference to it. She burst out in such laughter. Suddenly, she collected herself and apologized. I said the statement was intended as a joke. I left decades ago.

    No one takes them seriously. We do. I try to point out their overreaching in terms of blood, sexual abuse, and disfellowshipping.

    Comics love them.

  • trujw

    Can anyone here really explain Scientology or Mormons. I can't that is why we are worst than anything in the world we can actually explain jw doctrine. We know more than they do sad sad sad. If my mom gave any us an honest chance it would all crumble. The only ones that care is us here because we know the the real truth

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