Who is the biggest hypocrite JW that you know?

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    I am

  • james_woods

    I will let him remain nameless, but I knew an elder who was actually removed for "insincerity".

    You have to go a ways to get things to that point.

    For one thing, he was notorious for NEVER going door to door - all his time came from giving public talks.

    And, of course, he had the arrogant personality to go with it.

  • designs

    I could always count on being fashionably one decade behind

  • scotoma

    Our brains evolved to make us skilled hypocrites.

    Most of our social interaction requires humans to refrain from letting people know how they really feel.

    Social skills are mostly hypocrisy.

  • andys

    The most biggest hyprocrites I seen/see is when the convention comes around which is one of the cities where I live that its held, when I was at the bar with some friends of mine all the JW's were in the bar after the convention getting drunk, and I knew they were all JW's because they had their name tags and they were all wearing suits/dresses(lol) and then they have to counsel my brother because he has a drinking problem, hyprocrites!!!!

  • clarity

    Judge JOE Rutherford ... always had a "hank of hair & a piece

    of bone" on the side!


    Had many apartments/houses ...including Beth Sarim

    & Beth Shan along with the best cars, servants, guards, overeseas

    tours, booze, arrogance .......while his followers paid for it &

    had were basically sold into poverty!!!


  • Joliette

    Man, where do I begin? So many people that I knew did 'worldly' things when they were away from the hall, but then it was 'holier than thou' when then got to the hall. Giving comments, acting like goody too shoe Christians, when it reality...ya know. Now I will say not everybody there is like. What you see is what you get. But there are a lot of people in that organization is fooling other people, like the GB for example. I think those men are the fakest JW's are the planet.

  • mrquik

    "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!.......you are full of hypocrisy.....how are you to flee from the judgement of Gehenna?" Future not sounding all that rosy for the GB. Damn, where's that burning Hell when you need it.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    "Judge" RUTHERFORD.

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