Who is the biggest hypocrite JW that you know?

by Iamallcool 38 Replies latest jw friends

  • Iamallcool
  • AnonJW

    Any one of them that posts on here :)

  • happy@last
    [email protected]

    A little harsh Anon I think, there will be some posting as they are confused. Anyway, I think the biggest hypocrites are the ones that bend the JW rules as far as they can go, or use the rules to make others suffer.

  • cedars

    I'd rather not name him!!


  • wasblind

    Any Jehovah's Witness that forbids their child to play sports in school

    because it promotes a competitive spirit, but allow themselves to root for their favorite sports team

    in a competition

    Any Jehovah's Witness that forbids their child to play wit a doll like sparlock the magical wizard

    but takes their child to the Magic Kingdom ( Disney )

    Any Jehovah's witness that refuse a whole pint of red fluid called blood but

    can take that same pint of red fluid if it come from a cow ( bovine )

    and the list goes on and on


  • wasblind

    Any Jehovah's Witness that stands on the platform and spew WTS mess about puttin'

    off a college education while their own children start right after high school

    Bottom line: The whole darn lot are hypocrits, this religion forces them to be,

    anytime they do somethin' normal, they are in turn bein' hypocritical because of thier religion

  • Fernando

    A tough call since we may each have a different person in mind.

    Generally speaking religion breeds hypocrisy, and the worst hypocrites tend to drift into and up the hierarchy - the ruling religious clergy class, or Pharisees.

    The pinnacle of evil (militant ignorance, and malignant self-righteousness) it would seem does reside in the Sanhedrin (Governing Body).

  • pontoon

    The GB/Wat/Org so down on education while at the same time making full use of highly educated people and cutting edge technology. It's like Dark Ages, when only "ruling class" could get educated.

  • cobaltcupcake

    There are hypocrites in every religion. JWs have such a rigid code of conduct it's nearly impossible not to be a hypocrite to some extent.

    Shoot, I'd have to vote for myself. I tried hard to live up to what was expected of me, and I certainly preached it, but I failed.

  • unstopableravens

    ha loaded question i know so many, one of my best friends ,well was he stopped talking to me when i step as side a couple years ago because i did not believe the wt, i told him i had honest questions and this january will be two years since we talked, he still gives parts at assemblys, wifey told me he just gave another at the ca acouple weeks ago. we were close, that the one that really hurt, and i just gave him honest thoughts, and he gives parts about love and caring for people.very sad.

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