YouTube Series on Salvation and what it actually is for JW's, Mormons, SDA

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    Thank you for taking the time to check out my post,

    I wanted to bring a series of YouTube videos to anyones attention that has interest in learning about Salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ in contrast to what the Watchtower, Mormons, SDA, Baha'i and other similar legalistic works based relgions teach.

    I think it would be beneficial for ones who may be questioning or want to be better equiped in reaching JW's with the Gospel message. Those who maybe feeling lost in what to believe, disallusioned with God because of religion, someone wanting to enter a personal relationship with Jesus but unsure where to start, or just to have a look. Their open to all.

    Some highlights from them are...

    • Help for those stumped on the the whole argument of Faith without Works that JW's, Mormons, etc. use from the book of James. Takes a close look at their trademark proof texts and puts them into context along with other scriptures throughout the Bible to explain Salvation by Grace not Works.
    • Lays solid biblical expose that there is only one mediator between God and Man and that is Christ.
    • Touches briefly on the dangerous pride and conditioned love found in organized religion contrasting it with what Jesus taught his followers.
    • Shows the importance of Jesus and having a personal relationship with him.
    • And a few other vital topics basic to starting a personal relationship with God.

    It is a series of 6 videos and while I'm not the best at making videos through prayer I felt compelled to help current Jehovah's Witnesses, ex JW's, ones wanting to see the bible in a fresh view apart from Watchtower doctrine, or any one for that matter that may be helped in some way by it. If it helps but one person then it has done good.

    The videos are not anti witness, mormon, etc. does not endorses any religion, nor do they seek to bash any individual as all people are loved equally in God's heart. Rather in a spirit of mildness and love it seeks to only show God's plan of salvation according to the Gospel of Jesus. They put the emphasis back on Christ instead of man, organized religion, or a denomination.

    They can be found on my YouTube Channel at F.F.G. or on my website at under videos. My website is not fancy(I'm not the most gifted at computer tech. skills) but it's mainly just to upload videos to help others.

    You can also check out the first in the Series at

    Best regards and God Bless,


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    Hey I actually got the links to work, here are the rest of the videos if it is acceptable to post them here. If not please kindly accept my apology in advance.

    Salvation Part 2 "By Grace or Works"

    Salvation Part 3 "Faith Without Works?"

    Salvation Part 4 "Religion Or God?"

    Salvation Part 5 "Salvation How and By Whom?"

    Salvation Part 6 "Recieve Jesus"

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    Ramping up the ol propaganda machine eh

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    Trying to fight the propaganda machine is more descriptive. Just so much destruction can be done to ones faith when having bought into a concept and putting all faith along with hope in men. It can be disheartening when they uncover the deception that was used and if they don't have solid footing in proper contexual bible beliefs the foundation of sand(organizational religion based on man's doctrinal beliefs) crumbles.

    In my opinion it is important to give ones a solid foundation in Christ (1 Corinthians 3:11) prior to ripping away their current foundation. It can be likened to moving a house from a failing foundation to a solid lasting foundation, if you were to first destroy the bad foundation without first moving the house to the good foundation the house would collapse and also be ruined. So the same can be said of faith. If we show someone the error of putting faith in man without first giving them a solid foundation in Christ they may end up in spiritual ruin.

    When one leaves the Watchtower organization they go through spiritual loss, mourning, and bewilderment. They sometimes feel they need to find the next "one true religion" and replace one vice with another. Others being so disillusioned give up on God altogether as they equate the Watchtower being indistinguishable from God due to the indoctrination and doctrine, some blame God for allowing it to happen, while others may take an atheist view feeling that God can't exist because of their experience. One may exhibit all these symptoms One must remember that men will disapoint and false expectation can make the heart sick (Proverbs 13:2) but if they put hope in God he will not disapoint. (Romans 5:5-8) Should we blame God for our being decieved by men? It was prophesied to happen and if we have regard for the Bible we will know there was ample warning - Matthew 7:15 and 24:4, 1 John 3:7, Ephesians 5:6, 2 Thessalonians 2:3. I'm not saying we shouldn't have been misled or that we were lacking intelligence, it happened but we can learn from it. We can be grateful that we came to discover the truth about a legalized religions deception while accepting our responsibility that we made an error. We can better equip ourselves to prevent it from re-occuring. We can also use our experience to help others.

    My faith was shipwrecked for quite awhile as I came to grips with the reality that the Watchtower doctrine did not harmonize with the Bible. Luckily I was able to preserve my faith, turned my life over to Christ and have never been happier or more relieved. My life has improved tremendously and I really enjoy speaking about my Saviour. This was my way of being able to help others as so many of the JW membership are good hearted people seeking God in the best way they know. However sadly they fell victim to men but they can still be helped and brought to the Lord. Jesus will call his sheep and he can work wonders, he helped me to see real truth and even though I left him for a time he never left me. I love him very much and I'm proud to serve him.

    I understand not all share my belief in God and that is okay. I accept everyone as they are and judge no one. I would love an atheist as much as my breathren in Christ. While our views may differ I also know we are all equal before God and no amount of piousness makes one more acceptable then another in God's eyes. It's our heart that matters not the exterior. Mark 7:18-20

    Hope this clarifies and thank you for the responce to this thread.

    God Bless and Merry Christmas.

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    hey buddy: how you been did you try to call me the other day? dont worry about designs, he all bark no bite

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    so what are you trying to achieve? luring some misled JWs into some misled vanilla christian cult?

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    hey hofer, that beer was good!

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    So if you 'judge no one' why are you getting on JWs. You believe Tinkerbell wears a pink tutu and a JW believes Tinkerbell wears a blue tutu and blue tutus are all wrong. Exactly how is an atheist your brethren in Christ.


    Thank you, and " marked "

    Peace be with you,


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    design who is ur question to?

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