Who did jesus look like, his mom or his dad?

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    Everything ever born has died.


    Why should we be any different?

    Why not? Surely, if we shouldn't... why not just accept death... and stop looking for the "cure"? Even science is doing that...

    A slave of Christ,

    SA, who has to run out, now - hubby taking me to brunch...

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    It is the number one reason why I hate christianity.

    I have to agree with you here. We tell our children that we are 'fallen' and defective. Rather than just teaching them that we are human, and this is what we have to work with, and we can do incredible things with that, we have to teach them that they are incomplete and bad without intercession. We teach them to look for the worst in humans, in order to confirm their biases, and then they pop up on forums and lament the sad downward spiral of humanity---when actually things have greatly improved, but they can't fully celebrate that and focus on where we need to work harder. What's the use? Humans are just bad, and getting worse.

    We look at a newborn, and it is a marvelous sight. But somewhere in the Christian mind this teeny, tiny human is fallen and sinful and already in need of some kind of salvation. A sad, dismal and totally unnecessary way to view the world. It's a contaminant.

    So we have human suffering, and Christians step up to the plate------------to blame human's sinful nature. LOL

    When we see tiger suffering (as BOTR brought out) we don't blame the tiger's sinful nature---some people even blame that suffering on we wretched humans. Is the weather bad? Yeah---it's cuz humans are defective. Is an asteroid hurling toward earth? Yep---human imperfect. You see, our imperfection is so profound, so powerful, that it can even cause events in the cosmos. Humans are, afterall, the center of creation. LOL

    But seriously. I'm glad I not caught up in that muck anymore. It really is a hateful way to view fellow humans. I prefer the it is what it is approach, and then do what I can do to improve that to the best of my ability. It's just not something I think we should leave up to God or Christ

    And I'll give you the answer to the OP. If Jesus existed, he was a man. He was a man born in Palestine. He had Jewish parents, and human dna. He lived, he ate, he preached, and he DIED. He got tired. He got sniffles. He looked like his parents, as the society would have been homogenous. He did good and he did bad. I suspect he was a political trouble maker, not necessarily a bad thing, but he was a political player. A rebel.

    That's if he existed, and I'm of the opinion that he did. But maybe he didn't. And what followed is what follows with many influencial people. Their deaths are used to uphold an ideology and the grow and become more perfect after their deaths than they ever could have been during their life. We like to saint people----ordinary people who maybe did some extraordiary things. He taught nothing new, nothing fresh, but simply consolidated some very old and tested ideas that perhaps the Jews were rejecting because they were foreign. He was kind of like John Lennon, who is also viewed as a saint, just a few short years after his death. It doesn't take long.

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    Everything ever born has died.


    To feed the soil and the living. Without death, there would be no life.

    To quote Bill Mollison - "All plants are carnivores. They eat you in the end."

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    i do wonder how human sin is causing stars to explode billions of years ago. somehow our sin travels backwards through time and faster than light.

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    EP is always right to the point no fluff stuff

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    Hi Cofty! If I may, I would like to offer an explanation of the following:

    Why are you contradicting yourself Shelby? You said there was no such person as Jesus.
    When I came to know the One many CALL "Jesus" I came to know that "Jesus" has never done anything for me... because there is no such person. - Shelby

    Notice that "Jesus" is in parenthesis. Perhaps what Shelby is saying is that she does not know a "Jesus", as she does not believe that to be his true name. Many believe that "Jesus" real name is Yaheshua, so when Shelby says that there is/was no "Jesus", she is not saying that there was never a Christ (Yaheshua), but is simply saying that "Jesus" isn't his real name, therefore, "Jesus" doesn't exist, even though the Christ (Yaheshua) does.

    Sorry for answering a question directed to you, Shelby, I'm just trying to help another person understand some things so that they may see that you indeed are being truthful!

    Peace and Love to everyone for this coming New Year!!!

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    i wonder what people think causes death. as to "why not", everything alive tries to stay alive, in general.

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    ohiocowboy - Shelby didn't say that there is such a person but it would be more accurate to refer to him by another name.

    She said - "When I came to know the One many CALL "Jesus" I came to know that "Jesus" has never done anything for me... because there is no such person."

    That is very different from simply objecting to the correct form of address.

    This is clear from what she said next...

    "there is no "Jesus."Else, he would ANSWER everyone CALLING on him."

    If christians were praying to the correct person but using a less than perfect form of his name you would not expect the son of god would ignore them for that reason would you?

    Shelby is claiming much more than special insight in how to pronounce the name. She is saying Christians receive nothing because they are praying to somebody who does not exist.

    And yet christians still view her as a fellow believer.

    Back on topic - There is a hint in the gospels when the Jews say something to the effect that "we know who our father is..." There may have been an implied taunt that Jesus didn't.

    Did Jesus look like a Roman soldier who raped his mother? Its a more likely explanation for the mystery around his paternity than myths about virgin births.

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