kjw53 i am offering you a challange!

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  • kjw53

    jookbeard--- i expect bad men to get in-- it started back in Peters day--teachers got in and were teaching that fornication was acceptable--satan doesnt give up trying to stop truths. he gets to some men--like Solomon became a false god worshipper--an apostle Judas sold Gods son out for 30 pieces of silver. It didnt make Gods true religion wrong.

  • Pterist

    Unstop ...that's all I will say in your thread, I could not resist....no more I promise ;)

    FYI.....I really think kjw53 is just pretending to be a JW, and is just stringing us along for a laugh.

    Shalom friend.

  • kjw53

    unstoppableravens-- i showed you in the second post in this thread my belief-- it will never change. saying 3 lines of prayer doesnt make one born again--turning ones worldly life into a righteous life does.

  • unstopableravens

    kjw you do not learn because you do not pay attention i do not repeat do not believe in the sinners prayer so if you are going to make statements know what i believe this is about if a person needs to be born again not how to be born again, yet again your pride is your down fall you if are so sure you have the truth why dont you stick to the topic, ohh you did admit you know little about being born again, so why not humble yourself and

  • mrsjones5

    " it will never change."

    We've heard that on this board many a time. Nothing's new under the sun.

  • Finkelstein

    Then please explain to us who or what is the 7 headed beast and the two horned beast of revelation?

    Easy, the lying and devilishly corrupt false religion of the Watchtower Corporation, being that it

    has its roots in paganism namely Pyramidology dating, that should easy to understand by most concerning intelligent people.

    Now being that the entire world and even the people who are within this organization is starting to see that the WTS. is a

    pretentiously false religion and it is starting to crumble away right now, after it finally collapses perhaps then we can look forward

    from something from god and his promises ! In the mean time I would suggest to be nowhere near this collapsing Watchtower !


    Then please explain to us who or what is the 7 headed beast and the two horned beast of revelation?

    What a total cop-out... Yes, lets make stuff up and print it by the millions and force people to believe it under the threat of being marked or df'd. That's what Jesus would say to do. If you don't know an answer, just make one up!! Good reasoning...

    Terry wrote a piece about the WTBTS never admitting to not knowing, and the subsequent problems. I would link it to this page if I could find it.


    BTW, individual JW's are good people. The WTBT$ like all organized religion will be gone one day. Here is question for you. If you were all alone on an Island and never read a Bible till one washed ashore, would God's Holy Spirit help you understand it as Christ promised? Or would your only hope be contingent upon a crate of Watchtowers and Awakes washing ashore every month..... I choose to believe Christ whom the Father YHWH has purposely placed in charge for the forseeable future. You should think about that.

  • prologos

    well, well, well, why go off topic? this is about the 144 000. only. Here is my understanding* I am senile, so you find the bible verses."

    Here are six easy steps:

    1) Nobody on earth really knows who the 144 000 are, only the angels know, and they are not telling us. Rev.7

    2) the 144 000 come -- OUT OF-- the 12 tribes of the ISRAEL OF GOD. --Rev 7 has 13 "OUT OFF"s to drive home that point

    3) All of the ISRAEL OF GOD is born again. All Christians make up the ISRAEL OF GOD.

    4) ALL CHRISTIANS should partake (even secretly) of the bread and wine and they do HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE. John 6.

    5) All Christians are the Christs' Brother and SISTER. Math 10:50. read it please!

    6) If you are Christs' sister, brother and he is Gods Son, then YOU ARE A SON OF GOD.

    *prove me wrong.

    and have peace on this moonistice.

  • Pterist

    Well said Prologos........just like in old Israel, they were ALL baptized into Moses at the red sea, they were ALL Israelites, however, only SOME had priestly duties.....


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