Looking Back, Did You Notice Many JWs Had Drinking, Drug or Mental Issues?

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  • wasblind

    The biggest misconcetion is that " ALL " worldly people live bad lives

    everything is black or white, your either an active Jehovah's witness

    or your satan's child

    what a crock

  • shamus100


  • jam

    Over 90% of the elders I knew had a drinking problem,

    and so did I. It,s funny my ex also drink but I thought

    she was a teetotaler, occasionally having a drink.

    Today, Iam the teetotaler (don,t drink anymore), the

    ex- a pioneer, her husband a elder. The kids (our kids) told

    me , mom is a alcoholic and taking pills. She only drink wine,

    and beer. A gallon of wine a week and beer, I think you have

    a problem. LOL

    My wife now, told me JW,s have always been known to be heavy

    drinkers in our area.

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