Looking Back, Did You Notice Many JWs Had Drinking, Drug or Mental Issues?

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  • wasblind

    When I was involved, The sister that studied with me Brought an Elder along to my house. An unexpected visit

    to try and convince me to get my child out of the extra curricular activities in school

    things that brought sheer joy to my child. And it gave me joy to see my child Happy.

    They had me in tears because they said I was choosin' these things over Jehovah

    they showed me the scripture that said if I loved family more tham God I wasn't worthy

    They mind fucked me bad , and I ain't a drinkin' woman nor do I do Illegal drugs

    but by the time I cut those fools loose. I was on two different blood pressure medications

    If I hada stayed . I would not have been able to tell which end was my ass

    What used to be easy decisions to make now became life and death

    simple pleasures jus' gone. They sucked the joy right out of my life


  • Tameria2001

    While I was in the JW cult, I battled depression, and nearly committed suicide. My whole time in the cult was hell. I dealt with every form of abuse from my parents. The only thing that kept me from losing my mind was that I learned how to meditate at a very young age. I’m not talking about the type of meditating the watchtower wants their people to do, but the type that actually cleared my mind of everything. One time I got caught by the witch who gave birth to me, and she ranted and raved on how I was doing something dangerous.

    The amount of prescription drugs that woman took was a lot, she even told me that when I am her age, I too would be taking medication like her. It was at that point I told her no way, I would never ever put that poison in my body. I will be turning 44 in January, and the only medication I take is for the occasional headache, and even then it is not very often. I refuse to ever be like that witch….I would rather use the B word, but I don’t know if it would get censored or not. I really can’t stand her at all.

    I once knew a woman after she became a JW; she ended up taking medication for depression. She was a JW for several years, and eventually left it. About a year after she left, she stopped taking those medications, and she learned that the cult was the reason for her depression.

    As a JW, I remember that most of everyone I knew was on some form of medication, for one reason or another, mostly for mental health reasons.

  • Glander

    Minimus, you are the champ when it comes to mining the obvious. I salute you!

  • AGuest

    Imagine the chagrin, embarrassment, and utter humiliation of some of these folks (peace to you all!)... when they finally "wake up" (and they will, one way or another, sooner or later) and see what the harlot led them to become... and how to treat others, including their own flesh.

    I could be mad at them, but I have to say I am glad I am not in THEIR shoes. I don't judge them, but I DO truly feel great pity for them. I cannot imagine not wanting the mountains to fall over me... and the rocks to cover me... indeed, the ground to open up and swallow me whole... if it was revealed to me that my children saw/felt about/viewed me this way... because some stoopid religion led me to treat in a way that forced them to.

    I can't think of anything much worse. Not even a terrible, terminal, illness. The same, perhaps, but not worse.


    A slave of Christ,


  • Finkelstein

    Considering the indoctrination process that JWS go through with the inclusion of guilt, shame and fear mixed in

    with other personal insecurities, its no wonder many JWS have unhealthy mental imbalances.

    Probably the constant drumming that the entire world is going to be destroyed soon is proportionately enough

    Bi polarism is a known problem in JWS

  • SophieG

    Yes, saw it... Every time I looked in the mirror! 3 major depressive episodes while in resulting in anti-depressants and therapy!

    And since leaving, I've not touched one pill and I think I never will again!

  • minimus


  • finally awake
    finally awake

    I never saw any indication of heavy drinking or use of illegal drugs, but a lot of the local dubs were on antidepressants. Odd how the happiest people on earth need Xanax and Prozac by the truckload. I remember one of the pioneer sisters telling me that she had to pop a Xanax before every meeting.

  • thecrushed

    Just gonna give you a quick run down of myself and my Jdub family.

    Me - X-druggie (meth, MDMA, Ketamine, Weed, Pain pills, LSD, Mushrooms, GHB, Xanex) I did all these but my main one was meth and Xanex to come down with) When I re-entered the cult and got clean I became an alcoholic after becoming unhappy and learning TTATT and I consider myself a functioning one to this day. Not sure how well my liver functions though.

    Wife - Drinks like a fish and takes her Prozac and pain pills

    MIL - too many to mention but she has a permanent perscription for anxiety meds and narcotic classed pain pills and is a diabetic

    DAD - functioning alcoholic like me

    MOM - She escaped the cult way before I did but is bipolar I with psychotic mania and is on antipsychotics and mood stabilizers.

    I'd say I take the cake.

  • thecrushed

    I forgot to mention I've suffered from crushing depression and suicidal thoughts.

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