Do Witnesses Ever Talk About Their Living Forever And Never Dying?

by minimus 51 Replies latest jw friends

  • whathehadas

    Oh what agonizing memories! I'm 29 and I remember graduating from High School in '01 and all the talk then of this being SOO close of the end! Then I remember talking to some dubs(who were a little older than me) over some lunch in '06. They brought up how "we're so close to the end" and "we probably don't have 5 years left". NOW we're approaching 2013. Wonder what those folks think now as they approach their mid 30's? Crazy how people believe so hard against REAL Thinking!

  • d

    I agree I remember hearing brothers talking about not getting old.Today some I know are approaching their 80's.

    Sad to see these type of people waste their lives away.

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