Do Witnesses Ever Talk About Their Living Forever And Never Dying?

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  • mythreesons
    mythreesons's not false's now there is a better understanding. The people are still in God's memory and so they never died...really? That's what my dad tried to tell me the last time I talked to him and brought it up.

    It's a bunch of BS! (Banging head against the desk)

  • Ding
    Do you think JWs believe they will never die at all and will, in their lifetime, be on a Paradise earth to live forever?

    It seems to me this is a twofold question involving JWs' views of (1) their own standing and (2) the timing of the end.

    1. Since JWs have no assurance of salvation and many feel unworthy and even worthless, I think at most they HOPE for this...

    2. Newer ones may believe the paradise earth is coming any day now, but I would think that older ones who were told they would never grow old in this system (especially those who remember the 1975 hype) are pretty skeptical of the timing, even if they believe the basic paradise earth teachings.

    Although there is always talk about how awful world conditions are and how near the end must be, I don't think very many are quitting their jobs and selling their homes in order to pioneer in the remaining "months" before Armageddon, as happened in the early 70s.

    In fact, that might be a good point to raise with a JW who keeps saying how close the end is... asking them if they really believe it why they aren't giving up everything and going d2d full time. If they say, "Well, we don't know Jehovah's timing for certain," we can say, "Right, so why talk about it as if you did?"

  • bigmac

    Dozens Now Living Will Never Die

    ha ha ha ha--who in their right mind would ever believe that----total crap.

  • minimus

    The JW religion morphed from believing that within months, they would have eternal life to, we don't talk about that anymore/.

  • LongHairGal


    I cannot remember the last time one of the JWs I know even mentioned this.

    I get the sense nobody is talking about this much anymore. What I have heard though is the phrase "some of us are going to get to the new system the underground way".

    To me this is a cop-out statement and it makes me angry. How many generations heard about how they were going to live to see the end and were going to walk into the new system?

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Ya know, now that I think about it, I don't even hear that from my wife anymore. She is more conceened about dying. Why dying? She's on 33? Not even half a lifetime. Did the paradise and millions now living will never die become a fallacy?

  • redvip2000

    I know the last time time i spoke with my mother about religion she said something like " All i know is that i look foward to having my little house in paradise with a nice little garden and surrounded by good friends".

    It was the first i realized that the best thing for me to do was not to try to open her eyes, but instead let her live the rest of her days in her paradise bliss dream. It would probably be too traumatic for her to realize that she wasted the majority of her life constantly giving up her time and resources to preach a message that is false.

    She constantly says that "the end" is just around the corner, so i think she actually believes that she will never pass away.

  • Fed-up

    I'm been hearing this often, "I don't know if it will come in my lifetime, but I know it will come!" I'm not sure if they are trying to convince themselves or the person they are talking to.

    The kids being raised "in the truth" are in trouble. They hear all the time about THE END, but where is the sense of urgency? It's evaporated. Their parents are following the lead of the people who realized in '95 that things had changed, a lot, and they better start thinking more than 15 mins into the future. Where do you see JW's in the ministry? Driving around or on Break. It's not urgent. I've actually seen sisters in Yoga classes, sisters who aux. pioneer. hahaha.

    Hopefully this will mean others will start waking up. People are aware of the scandals, even if they don't talk about them openly. It's like a child who constantly hears at the KH how important family study is only to get home where it's either never done or forced when it is...It's not important. When people see the expansion at Wallkill, the relocation from Brooklyn, the incessant "NEW LIGHT" crap, the constant misbehavior of active JW's and the appointment of a GB member in his 40's they start thinking, 'They are saying one thing and doing something completely different'. Then hopefully they'll wonder how long it's been going on.

  • minimus

    Deep down inside, they know.....

  • flipper

    MINIMUS- My JW mom is about your JW mom's age ( 85 yrs. ) and she has been in the organization since 1951. When my mom turned 80 I asked her " Mom, did you ever think you'd hit 80 in this " system of things " ? She said, " No. I thought we'd be in the paradise by now. " I said, " Yeah, I know how you feel. " Then I told her that I was told as a teenager that I'd never get married or have to raise children in this " system " - that we'd be in the " paradise ". Then I said, " Now look at me, I'm almost 50 and have 3 adult children in their mid 20's ! Isn't that something ? We're still here ! " She agreed " Yes, you're all still here ! " But then as if to comfort or convince herself she said, " But we still see the signs of the last days and in the news things are getting worse with wars, crime, etc. " So I just changed the subject to family concerns as I knew it was causing her some discomfort. But at least it made her think.

    I really feel for the older JW's who have given their lives to this WT Society lie. WT Society should be brought up on criminal charges of fraud and extortion for how they've manipulated and lied to millions of people . No cults can EVER deliver what they promise. It's just a huge marketing and money making scheme

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