Mental health crisis in America-

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    l p

    glenstar if you read the research article in its entirity you will see the conclusions of the study...

    schitzophrenia + substance abuse does increase the risk of violence

    "We demonstrate that the risk of violent crime in schizophrenia in patients without comorbid substance abuse is only slightly increased. In contrast, the risk is substantially increased among patients with comorbidity and suggests that current practice for violence risk assessment and management in schizophrenia may need review."

    anyone can post on wikipedia or the internet....and not all research is good research either when critqued properly

  • sizemik

    There are several seperate issues to the mental health crisis.

    One area that is coming under greater scrutiny is the use of several psychotropic medicines in children and adolescents. Traditional views have been that psychotropics like MPH and SSRI's perform a similar function in these younger groups as with adults, simply with using lower dose rates. There is very little monitoring and research, but more and more questions are being asked. There are unique neurological developmental phases occurring in children and adolescents, that are complete in the case of adults.

    We also have a pharmaceutical industry that is a highly competitive, profit motivated industry, that uses subtle but aggressive marketing of it's product through mainstream traditional medicine.

    The Impact of Prescribed Psychotropics on Youth - Shaheen E Lakhan and Gareth E Hagger-Johnson (Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation, Los Angeles, CA, USA)

  • moshe

    Thank you for that weblink, sizemik.

  • glenster

    l p: I'm not sure what your complaint is. The Wikipedia articles agree with
    the JAMA and are well-researched. That's why I thought "this i would believe
    more than what i would read on wikipedia" was curious.

    The shooting does motivate us to see if there could be improvement in mental
    health care. But regarding Adam Lanza "Several medical experts have stated that
    there is no link between the shooting and either Asperger's or autism in
    general." "The hypothesis that individuals with AS are predisposed to violent
    or criminal behavior has been investigated but is not supported by data. More
    evidence suggests children with AS are victims rather than victimizers. A 2008
    review found that an overwhelming number of reported violent criminals with AS
    had coexisting psychiatric disorders such as schizoaffective disorder."

  • sir82

    I follow this cartoon / blog....This seems to fit in with the discussion here.

    For you "graphic novel" fans, this is the guy who wrote the critically acclaimed "My Friend Dahmer".

    My stance is, and I strongly believe this, that vigilance and intervention, at an age when those things can still alter a life, are the only solutions. And vigilance and intervention, sadly, tragically, are things we totally lack, on an institutional level, in this country.
  • 00DAD

    Marking for later!

  • moshe

    Jeffery Dahmer went to prison and was stabbed to death by an inmate there-

  • jgnat

    I think prevention of mass violence must be a multi-pronged approach. Make automatic weapons less accessible. Provide earlier detection and treatment of mental disorders.

    My son has Schizophrenia. The first signs showed up when he was twelve. I was a very consistent parent, but that would not have prevented his disease. Trying to get help, well, that was hell. I had a stack of business cards half an inch thick before I was able to get some help. Even so, when my son became an adult, he was on his own with no supports, no diagnosis. It took a peculiar set of circumstances to have him committed years later. In between he picked up a drug habit and street friends who regularly emptied his pockets. Now that he has a full support team (monthly visits to the Psychiatrist, weekly visits to his caseworker and group home) he has a modicum of stability. It helped that my son finally admitted to his diagnosis, and went along with the treatment plan.

    Where was the father? He has Schizophrenia too. And he is violent. I left him when my children were very small.

    Could my son be a mass murderer? Unlikely. It takes all his mental energy to get through the day. Could he hurt someone? Most definitely. When he is in fear of his life from imaginary dangers, he could lash out. The horrific story of Vince Li and the young man Tim McLean who he killed on a Greyhound bus, is also a story of Schizophrenia.

    I can completely relate to this mother and what she went through.

  • moshe

    My wife came home from her fitness center and she told me they had a brand new sign up- no more babysitting service after Jan1st. It was a Corp decision that just came out. I told my wife, it's fall out from the Sandy Hook school killings- business doesn't want the liability of small children on it's premises- no kids, no magnet for a copycat nutjob that wants to hurt them.

  • Simon

    Another question to ask:

    Was the kid born crazy or made crazier by a mother who home-schooled him, filled his head full of end-of-the-world survivalist nonsense and put him on drugs.

    I don't mean this how it sounds ... but why are so many Americans 'nuts'? Could the belief systems have something to do with the mental health problems?

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