Mental health crisis in America-

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  • BizzyBee

    "I can wear whatever pants I want to. This is America. I have rights!"

    Good catch, wasblind.

    America has a superiority complex - we're taught 'American exceptionalism,' and that Europe is second-rate. America isn't just a wonderful country - it is somehow entitled to special privileges and we as Americans are, too, regardless of our individual talents.

    We also have a fixation on 'rights' in this country - the notion of 'freedom' is constantly used and misused to manipulate public discourse and politics. Unfortunately, we DO NOT have a a corresponding emphasis on responsibility as a cohort or prerequisite of rights where rights are not earned - they accrue to one by virtue of being alive, by virtue of being an American. Yet, some rights should be earned, should be tied to demonstrated responsibility.

    That child felt that he had the full weight of the Founding Fathers, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence behind him when he called his mother a "stupid bitch."

  • Balaamsass


    I knew a couple of families with violent mentally ill teens. It destroyed the family emotionally and financially.

    At one time we had the mentally ill commited to hospitals. Some of these places were snake-pits, and some people were commited wrongfully. During the late 60s the doors were opened wide because many patients "rights" were violated. Many of these patients decided NOT to take prescription meds and ended up on the streets. The US went from one extreme to the next.

    I have talked to some mental health and homeless advocates about this and they believe the vast majority of "homeless" are mentally ill, and self medicating with illegal drugs. If just 2% of the population is born with debilitating mental illness...THAT is a huge number of people in any major city.

    Perhaps in times past the mentally ill simply become "the cranky reclusive pig farmer" or a "reclusive Mountain Man" but in todays society they stand out as unemployable and on the street.

    I think as onerous as it may be, universal healthcare or an increased public "safety net" is needed not only for the benefit of the mentally ill but for the safety of the general public.

  • DesirousOfChange

    The issue of mental illness needs to be addressed in this country.

    In this country, we cannot even find an equitable solution to providing universal healthcare for all citizens when they are sick. MANY private healthcare plans exclude to severely limit coverage for mental illness. You want "the country" to tackle MENTAL ILLNESS as well?

    Much easier to ban guns. Especially when everyone is so emotional about it right now.


  • Scott77

    Sad loss, these are the unfortunate victims of a mental health-afflicted teenager murder in CT.


  • moshe

    An out of state friend told me that he has two children 16 and 22 that may be under his care for life, due to their mental issues-- autism disorders and they can get violently angry in public-- Police have been called and what can he do? If he tries to restrain his 16 yr old girl, the bystanders call the police and he has a lot of explaining to do. They have closed down most of the residential mental facilities in his state. He is just trying to keep them at home and out of the court system. At some point he is afraid they will stop listening to him and get into criminal trouble- medication is keeping them stable for the most part- as long as they take it.

  • Cagefighter

    Kid needs a beating...Sure this isn't PC but there is nothing wrong with him by this story. He just knows how to push buttons and manipulate people really well. Goes along with the high IQ.

    The parents encourage it by "looking for answers" in the mental health arena sometimes. Instead of facing the facts that their kid is just not a good person.

  • moshe

    Cagefigter, in the olden days this boy could have aspired to be another Genghis Khan.

  • Scott77


    Actually, the medication therapy that is keeping those youngsters sane is largely credited for the deinstitutionalization of people with psychiatric illness. The closure of most of facilities in several states in is an outcome from theSupreme Court Olmstead decision that recognizes the right of people with mental illnes to community options. The goal is independence and it significantly saves a lot to the state confers. Those two children you mentioned may be recieving monthly state dollars to pay for personal aides. In Massachusetts, the program has worked well for many.


  • James Brown
    James Brown

    13 year old brat.

    I agree where are the fathers?

    When I was 13 I would never consider pulling a knife for 2 reasons.

    The tv and movies I watched did not depict such behaivor and I didnt watch much tv.

    And If I called my mother a stupid bitch, I would have gotten strapped and put in my room for a long

    time by my father.

    This kid who did the shooting in Ct. Had a father who tried to buy his way out of parent ship by paying 2000$ a month

    child support. If your gonna breed them, you are responsible to raise them. This letting the village raise your

    child is bull. You have to raise your child, raising your child involves programing and monitoring daly in their formative

    years until they are adults.

    All these kids having mental illness is a sham. A way to drum up business for the doctors and big pharmacy.

    I spent a career working in juvenile justice and most of the youth in detention were from single parent families.

    When the parents wont, cant or dont raise their offspring then the kids need medication to soften the harsh reality

    of their life. And if they cant get legal big pharmacy drugs they get street drugs.

    That is why I am in favor of abortion. If parents dont want a child, if they are not prepared to nurture and guide

    a child, they should not bear children. Because society does not do a very good job at raising other peoples

    mistakes and problems.

  • glenster

    PS to my last post: if a seriously schizophrenic (manic depressive, etc.)
    person is taking street drugs they're probably not taking their psychotropic

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