the Service Meetings didn't prepare me for this

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  • stillin

    Naked ladies at the door! Various stages of undress, including absolutely nothing on. My response was to be cool, go into my presentation and sneak a peek when I thought it wouldn't be noticed. Usually the person would excuse themselves and come back slightly more dressed than they were.

    It's funny now because my next door neighbor was one of such flashers years ago and I don't think she has realized that I have seen her in her entirety!

    But how might the demonstration have gone for this one at the service meeting?

  • designs

    I took it as a sign there was a God

  • Honeybucket

    we're they hot?

  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    I don't think Satan is allowed to entice anyone during the ministry with the Holy Spirit being active and all during such activity.

    So if they were hot, it was a blessing from above.

    Otherwise, it confirms that some people in this world need a lot of help, in more ways than one. Catch my drift? LOL


  • cantleave

    Never happened to me :-(

  • ekruks

    Happened quite a few times when I was on the ministry... I think some people did it just because they thought it was amusing, but others did seem to be genuine about having been 'in the shower when you rang', etc. ....yeah, the Service Meeting doesn't prepare you for that.... rather awkward, when you are a young JW lad full of teenage hormones, on the ministry on your own because no one else came to the field service arrangement, feeling really fedup with pioneering, and some hot blonde teenage girl answers the door with a towell falling off... so, I thinking I am not meant to look, so walk away, but oh, this message is life-saving, she can't die because of not being dressed, and she seemed so "interested".

  • MrFreeze

    It was only ever naked men for me. *shudder*

  • whathappened

    I was working by myself alone on a floor in an apartment builditargetars ago when a very naked, very hairy naked man came to the door. He accepted the magazines (I pretended not to notice). He went to get a donation and came back with a dollar and asked for change. I dug in my bag and gave it to him and left. How dangerous that was for a sister to be working alone. We put ourselves in danger to serve a publishing house.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I kept excellent eye contact with a lady my wife did a return visit on. She put a towel around her waist, but only her waist. She was ample in her display and still young and pretty, and after I asked if she wanted us to wait or come back and she said "No," I just looked into her eyes the whole time.

  • Pterist

    Anyone remember the male Mormon Missionary in the UK , while going door to door, was invited in, strapped to chair by a coupe of youg ladies and raped ???

    He had them arrested .

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