Have you ACTUALLY seen any Bible prophecies fulfilled in your life/lifetime?

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  • tec

    I could say the same of you... how do you know that what you are saying is true?

    Btw, who was claiming to be the Christ in the first century... and a) how do you know, and b) how do you know if the claim came before the warning?



  • 144001

    I follow the "eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you shall die" philosophy mentioned in the bible. It's quite satisfying!

  • WTWizard

    I am seeing it happen every time we support Israel. The United Tyranny of Stupidity helped fulfill one of them by bailing them out in October 1973 after they had been defeated by Egypt (deservedly so). I am also seeing philo-Semitism at the expense of people minding their own business (Palestine), which is creating all the wars in the Middle East. (And has the potential to create another energy crisis this time as it did in 1973).

    What I am waiting for is a "Great Tribulation" in which "the New Jerusalem", actually the existing Jerusalem, seizes control of the world. I expect problems in the form of energy crises and hyperinflation as the nations fight back. However, if the nations lose that war, we are all going to be slaves to the Rothschilds--we will all be as cattle. No Armageddon, though--meaning no physical rapture, no final judgment by some almighty Jehovah to fix anything, no automatic healing, no nothing of that sort.

    As for seeing a prophecy fulfilled as the washtowel indicated it would be, the scam has reached most of the world. They have suffered persecution for initiating a scam and for ruining countless lives, and for bullying those who expose the truth. I don't expect any washtowel-style Great Tribulation--just a final battle between the nations and Israel/Rothschild control. We are already seeing the beginning of that--nuclear threats and all--but I don't think there is any chance that it will result in Edenic conditions worldwide.

  • punkofnice

    Sorry guys. I'm on UK time so just catching up with this thread.

    Well, what can I say as an observer?

    Prophecy is down to how you interpret it horns or no horns.

    There are no specific prophecies in the Bible as far as I can see, that point to today. Nothing specific and easily identified! So I conclude that it's all in the imagination..the same as god is.

    Is it our own arrogance that makes us thing that prophecy is relevant to our day? This is what Charles Tazers a Rissole did in effect. It was all about him and his day. Same as twat Rutherford, Beth Sarim and all that b0110cks.

    I certainly have seen nothing that convinces me of the accuracy of the Bible........Donald duck is as close as it gets.

    Confirmation bias anyone?

  • Fernando

    I have personally experienced many true prophecies, especially if one considers that the Watchtower was lying to us when it taught us that a prophecy is a prediction when in fact it is a message...

    Sure the dictionaries have got it wrong too, but they too have allowed themselves to be misled by spiritually blind religionists (who supposedly know best when it comes to spiritual matters).

    The end is in sight though. Science will soon take the likes of Transpersonal Psychology mainstream. Science will eventually put an end to religion.

  • punkofnice

    Fernando -

    Science will eventually put an end to religion.

    I hope so!

  • AGuest
    Science will eventually put an end to religion.

    If there is time, yes, dear Fernando (the greatest of love and peace to you... and thank you for that comment!). But it will be because science will PROVE all of the things "religion" keeps teaching as "mysteries" because THEY don't know. Unfortunately, science keeps trying to look at things with the "eyes" that religion has given them (again, because they - religion - don't KNOW). How can science prove that something actually occurred, if religion keeps saying they CAN'T prove it... that things from God CAN'T be proven? Of course, they can... with the right "tools"... which science doesn't necessarily have right now.

    The thing to remember, though, is that putting an end to religion ("And so, with one swift pitch...!") does not equate to putting an end to faith, belief... and christians (by means of holy spirit, and not by simply joining a church/religion).

    Again, peace to you!

    YOUR servant and a slave of Christ,


  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    He was very clear he would be back within the lifetime of his first followers.

    There are numerous scriptures I've seen fulfilled, but it's clear that the early church did not expect Jesus to return in their lifetimes. If you'll recall, Jesus returned after His resurrection and spent 40 days off and on with His disciples. In those extrabiblical documents, a great deal is said concerning the dismal future of the apostles and the bleak future of the church. The Romans would disperse the children of Judah among the nations, they were told. There they would be abused and chastened, but in the last days they would be gathered back into their own lands and would prosper as never before. Additionally, they would make enemies with those "round about" Jerusalem and be attacked, then delivered. (See Amos 9, Isa. 11, Pslm 85, Zechariah 12-14) Also, the church would fall into apostasy and then, in the latter days, be restored. (See 2 Thes. 2:3-4; Acts 3:18-19) The only apostle who lived to see all this was John, who was promised he would see it all happen before the Lord's return.

  • punkofnice

    Surely guys, aren't scriptures SO VAGUE that prophecy could be interpreted as virtually anything you want?

  • cofty

    In those extrabiblical documents, a great deal is said concerning the dismal future of the apostles and the bleak future of the church.

    Written in retrospect. In the synoptics he is very clear that they will see his return.

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