France : no more local bank accounts for congregations

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  • frankiespeakin

    The Watchtowers bread and butter as far as income used to be sending out magazine unpaid salesmen to go door to door, who were locked into the Organization = jehovah delusion.

    The need for printed material is being replace by instant access internet connection or just google it. Magazine sales are down and loosing money, so the next move for survival is tap into the kingdom hall contributions and get people to donate or sign over all thier belonging to them until the well runs dry.

  • chasson

    It is clearly impossible to not have a bank account for a religious association in France if they want to pay some expense like electricity, etc...

    A simple believer cannot use his account to receive money for the association, even if the money come from the french's watchtower association. I ask myself, if it is not a problem of localisation of the association, a religious association in France must have a "territory", an area where she works. If you give money to one association, it can be used for another association by a gift from the first assocation ,if both are on the same territory, for example a city.

    All the little french jw association's are on the area of the big one, national association. So the big one association could send her money to all the others. I don't think that it is possible that an association from the North of the France could send money to one in the South.

    This is only a reflexion, but this is the only advantage for me, to change the rules like that.

  • steve2

    It's always wise to wait for verification. If verified, it would probably be unique to France given the recent taxation/legal status issues facing the Watchtower in that country.

  • Dagney

    From a corporate standpoint it is not unusual. A very large corporation I worked for had one bank account. All receipts went into that account and each division had their own checks drawing on the same account. The corporation could manage cash flow to their benefit in a more efficient way.

    This is a printing and publishing corporation under the guise of "god's divine channel." In the end, it really will just be a corporation.

  • Hoffnung

    I confirm a similar move in the area where I am living, adminstered by the German branch, quite some months ago already. All congregations elders were called to attend a special meeting where members of the branch comite explained the society could put the EUROs on the savings accounts of congregations to better use, if it was handed over the society. the society obviously can use it to help congregations in need with the money. Obviously if the congreagtion would need the money back, it will be returned to the congo, but without interest of course.

    A resolution to that effect was put to the congregation, and sailed true with 98% of the votes of course, and some 8000 euros were transferred to the society.

    So let us say a congregation put aside 5000 EUR every year, for maintenance works and so on. if it hands it to the society, no interest will be added to it, meaning after 10 years, instead of having put aside 50.000 and gained another 10.000 or so by interest, thereby compensating for inflation, there is only 50.000 that will be returned, and due to inflation, you can do way less with this amount of money. To make up for this, you can request the society for a loan, and guess what, you need to pay interest on that one.

    I tried to explain that to my parents in law, but it did not ring a bell.


  • whathappened

    Welcome fifth.column. Hope to hear more from you soon.

  • Dismissing servant
    Dismissing servant

    I have heared the same here i Sweden! Maybe they will start this change i Europe?

  • sir82
    you can request the society for a loan, and guess what, you need to pay interest on that one.

    Does the Society still charge interest on loans in Germany / German branch territory?

    They stopped charging interest on loans in the US maybe 6 or 7 years ago. Prior to that the rate was 3%.

  • cofty

    The society are such crooks and the r&f just don't see it.

  • frankiespeakin

    I see mandatory tithing next, the magazine business is down the tubes thanks to the internet and online literature.

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