France : no more local bank accounts for congregations

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  • fifth.column

    I just joined a few days ago. Still in (physically, not mentally…) for family reasons… How many attendees at the KH in the same situation ?

    Currently living in France, won’t say more on me for the moment…

    Last week, at Tuesday meeting, they read an letter on congregation Bank accounts, and I think this a big change.

    In France, each cong is registered as a local association, and the WT has several association countrywide.

    Until now, each cong had a specific bank account locally. What you put in the ‘local box’ stay on the cong local bank account. Usually, in France, these bank accounts were in good health. Until the CO comes, audits the bank account, and sometimes asks for a special donation for the branch… Of course, next to this box you have the global box (Mat 24:14).

    From now : local accounts must be closed. The money put in the ‘local box’ will be sent to a new global account managed by the branch.

    When the local cong will need money, for example to purchase some furniture, the cong will ask the branch. For furniture, it seems that the Branch will purchase the furniture and send it locally. According to the letter, it will spare some money because of high volumes.

    Reason for this change : money will be used among the congregations, the richest cong will support the poorest. But at the same time, the letter said that each congregation will get the amount of money corresponding to its donations. Don’t worry, your money is still here for you…

    Reactions: silence, some astonished faces, and back to sleep. Of course not a word on this new arrangement after the meeting.

    I don’t know if this new arrangement was already done in other countries or if France is a test…

  • mind blown
    mind blown

    Wow....they really want to squeez RnF for every last dollar they can.......

  • chasson

    Surprising, because each religious association in France MUST have a financial report, so without a local account how could you do that ?

  • dozy

    I can't see how this would be workable. What about all the minor spending ( postages , plumbing bills etc )? How could they be paid if all money is remitted to the branch?

  • cofty

    Welcome - This is huge news!

    Do you know how it will work for all the minor expenses? Who pays for the toilet rolls etc?

    It sounds like yet more central control.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Do you know how it will work for all the minor expenses? Who pays for the toilet rolls etc?

    Perhaps there will be a petty cash/subsistence allowance for T. Rolls and cleaning products etc. but Wow!

  • blondie

    So they have to ask every month to pay the lights, phone, gas, heat, etc.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Welcome to the site fifth.column

    Perhaps they will calculate a per person cost of running each hall with targets of efficiency to be met and an allowance made with any over-run of costs to be funded by requests for cash privately!

  • cantleave

    This is extremely interesting. I can't see quite how it will work or what the purpose is. I guess it means more money will be filtered back to Crooklyn for the worldwide paedophile defence fund.

  • carla


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