Is it ethical to confess extramarital sex to your spouse

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  • unstopableravens

    i respect what you are saying jgnat, but i dont think thats the answer if you want to keep your spouse from having years of pain,than keep ur legs closed(not you ppl in general) not cheat than start caring about how it would hurt him/her.u vibing with me?

  • Chaserious

    "Durex's Global Sex Survey has found that 44% of adults worldwide have had one-night extramarital sex and 22% have had an affair.According to a 2004 United States survey, 16% of married partners have had extramarital sex"

    Moral of this survey: Americans will lie to cover up their affairs 28% more often, even when the lie is told to the condom company representative conducting an anonymous survey.

  • cofty

    Why would somebody confess to god? Wouldn't he know already?

  • jgnat

    Of course, unstopable, not cheating in the first place is the ideal.

    This idea that confession and honesty is always the best course sticks in my craw. As loving spouses, we lie all the time. You look thinner in that shirt. Grey is the new sexy. Honey, you have outdone yourself with this dinner. Why do we do it? It's a dance of mutual deception that is both comforting and bonding.

    I might remind you that your attempt at complete honesty with your JW wife has nearly sent her around the bend. You shared before she was ready.

    Couples feel safer if they know their partner is looking out for them and will spare them pain if they can.

  • jgnat

    A big, juicy kiss for cofty.

    ....a chaste sisterly kiss, of course

  • unstopableravens

    hey jgant where my kiss?

  • blondie
    In the case of an extramarital affair, the ethical thing to do is to test for any STD. If you test positive, you would have to tell your partner.

    What I thought first off but I also wondered if how would you feel if your significant other "cheated" on you and if there is a guarantee that it would never happen again. Even if they don't know, you do and it will have an affect on your relationship because of that.

    One of the things I hated and hate about how the WTS operates, is deceit and lying, that it is lying only if the person is "entitled to the truth." If I were to transfer that philosophy into my marriage, I feel that would make me a hypocrite.

  • ShirleyW

    Not meaning to go too off topic, but regarding a politician here in NYC, it just came out in all the papers here that in the 1970's his wife wrote an article for Essence Magazine saying that she was Lesbian and quite proud of the fact she was out an so forth. I have a feeling if they discussed that before marriage that's their business but I'm sure they would've both preferred that would've been kept undercover.

  • jgnat

    I hear you, blondie.

    unstopable, you get a kiss when you finish your homework.

  • unstopableravens

    blondie thats the point, i speak from my perspective as a christian because thats my value system but, believer or athiest noone should hide something like that from there mate.

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