Did you ever have to walk out of/shut off a movie when watching with JWs?

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  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    I can only recall one occasion. It was when my brother and future wife were dating. They had dinner at my parents' house, along with her uber-zealous/borderline psychotic parents. We watched A River Runs Through It after supper, because it seemed like a pretty safe choice. We had to shut it off after the scene in which they showed a couple sunbathing, with their bare asses showing. This was too much for her mom. Even before that she was put off by all the drinking and smoking by Brad Pitt's character .

  • mrsjones5

    My parents were visiting and my father refused to watch "The 40 year old Virgin". I went to bed and my hubby puts on Chris Rock's movie "I Think I Love My Wife" which is raunchier than the 40 year old virgin movie and my father watched the whole thing! Hubby did that on purpose, he's so naughty.

  • cobaltcupcake

    My ex and I were out with friends at an art house movie, "The Man Who Fell to Earth" with David Bowie. We could see it leading up to a *gasp* homosexual love scene, so we got up and left.

    I remember my ex and I skulking off to a distant theater to see "A Christmas Story" in 1983. I loved Jean Shepherd and couldn't resist.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I know we did although I can't think of a specific movie. I was in a nazi congregation so what movies we watched got around the hall fairly quickly

  • sd-7

    Oh yeah. I think when I was a kid, we walked out of an old comedy, 'Uncle Buck'. Haven't watched the whole thing to this day, I suppose. On my own, I did walk out of 'Chronicles of Narnia', I think it was the second film, was that 'Prince Caspian'? I forget. And also I walked out of 'Be Cool', which I really had no interest in seeing at all, save that Christina Milian was in it and I have a major crush on her, though nobody else even knows who she is, it seems... My mom definitely wanted to walk out of 'Fellowship of the Ring', but I didn't, and she probably hated that I could find anything good in a movie with a lot of creepy wizardry and ugly creatures.

    Since marrying a JW, I've had some real pain-in-the-ah moments on this issue. 'Avatar' was the big one, and that animated movie '9', and I'm trying to figure out if there was at least one more. I can't remember. Oh. Well, some episodes of 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars', the ones with the Nightsisters of Dathomir. It was all rather strange to me, since the Mrs. could watch 'The Tudors' or other stuff that would surely be forbidden. I guess it's a matter of which day it is, and how strong the JW pull is on the content involved.

    I'm glad that at least I no longer feel a need to worry about that for myself. But she always wonders why I don't want to watch movies with her, and that's part of the reason. Nobody feels like getting committed to the plot and then having to turn it off on account of her. Well, that, and she often manages to blurt out important plot points just before they happen, just because she happened to figure it out in advance. But that's another story.

    Thankfully, I've more than made up for all that on my own. It's nice to be able to watch stuff and laugh at what would be forbidden to laugh at if I was watching it with a JW. I need to watch something by myself again soon. Still got my eyes on 'Fellowship of the Ring' Extended Edition. Haven't bought it yet...


  • james_woods

    I once took a young witness lady to see the movie THX-1138 in a theatre.

    She walked out when they showed TITS.

    I stayed and let her cool her heels in the lobby and was rewarded by the great final chase scene with the McLaren Turbine Car and the Robot Police Motorcycles.

    She would never go out with me again after that.

  • happy@last
    [email protected]

    There was one (I can't remember which one) I went to see and raved on about how I liked it in front of loads of our 'friends' only to find out they'd been the day before and walked out! I've never walked out, nearly did but that was just because it was rubbish, I stayed to see if it could get any worse, and it did!

  • ShirleyW

    Just think, at the time when you walked out of the movie you thought you were being faithful to Jehovah, now you've found out you were being faithful to seven old guys in Brooklyn.

  • sd-7
    Chris Rock's movie "I Think I Love My Wife" which is raunchier than the 40 year old virgin movie and my father watched the whole thing!

    Really? I guess I'll have to see '40 Year Old Virgin' to compare the two. I felt like Chris Rock took notes on my life for 'I Think I Love My Wife', though...it was creepy just how identical Kerry Washington's character was to my ex-girlfriend...not that those actual events happened in my life after I got married, though. But let me not derail the thread on that...I can just imagine the shock of a JW hearing Chris Rock saying, "I'm bored out of my fff***ing mind." Ha ha!


  • mrsjones5

    Yeah really. The 40 old virgin isn't really raunchy at all. It's about a nerdy guy who collects action figures and is totally shy about women. His friends try to help him with comical and disastrous results but he finally meets the woman who gets him and actually loves him. There's no sex til the last and even then they're married. I thought it was a sweet funny movie. I haven't seen the Chris Rick movie but the hubby has and I've heard about the raunchier moments over and over. Hubby says during the movie my father made a comment about one of the women reminding him of an old girlfriend (I shouldsay at the point that my mother wasn't in the room, she had gone to bed also). Hubby set Dad up good.

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