Did you ever have to walk out of/shut off a movie when watching with JWs?

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  • flipper

    Oh yes, most definitely ! I was once married to the most fanatic JW I ever knew ! My JW ex-wife would throw out my t-shirts with Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin logos on them, and told me I'd have to throw out our movie Jaws because it would be bad for our teenagers. If any nudity or partial nudity came up or even bra, underwear, or panty scenes - my ex would throw a hissy fit and change the channel ! Even if somebody's back was only showing ! And everything of course was allegedly " demonic".

    Even Disney movies that were relatively " safe " would be considered " too dangerous " in her opinion for our kids to watch. I cherished the day when I could have my own conscience and not be dominated by my JW wife's conscience. Don't know how I survived that almost 20 years of marriage

  • jam

    Yes, Flying monkeys, wizards, raiders of the lost Ark

    not real, but watching Muhammad Ali pummel some

    poor guy senseless (no problem in the 70,s for brothers)

    that,s real.

  • grumblecakes

    ive always thought the whole walking out thing is just a tool used by many jws to make themselves feel good by making others feel bad.

    i remember being an extremely shy teen and being at afriends house when her crazy elder father pitched a hissy fit over "That Thing You Do". no idea what his problem with it was other than someone elses kid rented it and he wanted to pounce on an opportunity to make himself feel all real by browbeating a terrified fatherless teen girl (he didnt pull that shit with the kids who had dads he might have to answer to. f**king coward).

  • jookbeard

    I personally never walked out of any movie but our cong made big deals out of the opening credits of "Twins" with th 2 cartoon sperm swimming! T2 because of the swearing, and a local needs talk was given about "Dirty Dancing" I think most in our cong thought going to the movies in groups a big waste of time because no matter what the movie some jerk is always going to be stumbled over something and proceed in the big walk out, it just made smaller groups go to the movies together so they could enjoy the movie and not worry about any of these idiots.

  • lost1

    Before I knew the truth about the ex his favourite film was School of Rock and The Rings Trilogy but would turn the channel over if anything Disney or Smurf related came on and as for Harry Potter, that was a total no-no! Any film that had any "naughty" bits in it he would fast forward. Of course I just put it down to him being a bit odd but it all makes sense now!!

  • shamus100

    Yes, many times I saw it. >:o

    And many times I saw those self-righteous assholes not stand for the national anthem. I always did - I mean you have to show some *****g respect! It's not worshiping a country. >:O

    Oh god they are such maroons.

  • lost1

    I made him stand up @ a football match. Was minutes silence for young boy who died - its showing respect - end of!

  • cobaltcupcake

    One evening while my father was out at an elders' meeting we were watching "2001: A Space Odyssey." We were just at the part where the apes are using bones as tools when Dad walked in. He freaked out. "What is THIS?" and made us turn it off.

    Dad would "tsk, tsk" so often at song lyrics, TV ads, whatever, that my brother and I used to poke fun at him, saying, "The Tsk Force is on the alert!" Oddly, he found that funny.

  • Vidiot

    Liar, Liar.

    So embarassing.

    cobaltcupcake - "...I used to poke fun at him, saying, 'The Tsk Force is on the alert!'"


  • j dubb
    j dubb

    Anyway, after that movie had ended (Princess Diaries) they didn't seem to want to leave. So I took the daughter aside and asked if they would want to watch Shrek which was PG. She said, "It depends on what makes it PG!" Well, I told her if she had to ask that, then I wouldn't play it.

    The rating system in this country is moronic and has changed significantly over the decades. There used to be reasons a movie was rated PG (or whatever) but now it seems PG is the default rating they start at, totally skipping over G. A movie can be rated PG for 'thematic elements' (wow, thats specific) or simply at request of the studio. In most cases, todays PG is less offensive than the Gs of yesteryear.

    One sister openly asked a room of us whether she should see "Lord of the Rings", and she appreciated my advice that the small amount of magic in the movie would not bother her, although the level of violence would (I seriously have no idea how all 3 films slipped by with a PG-13). Another sister was fond of pointing out that the R rating could be undeserved at times and therefore not an obstacle to seeing a movie.

    The color of the blood seen on screen is often a deciding factor in whether a film gets an R. Also, if most of the violence/deaths are of non-human creatures. Star Trek VI avoided an R by changing the color of Klingon blood (according to producers.) Lord of the Rings films are a prime example of this.

    Then we had a CO come through who informed us that having a strong conscience did not mean that you automatically could watch more objectionable material, and that "weak ones" were not the Witnesses who insisted on G/PG only. He then brought out "Titanic" as an example of a movie that had clearly unacceptable material. Well, let me tell you, our PO was not happy about this. I guess you could say he was POed. At a gathering later, he made a loud point of disagreeing with the recently-departed CO's opinion of the movie, saying it was really a conscience issue and we did not believe in a decreed "movie blacklist". He was open about having seen the movie himself.

    This had to have been a standard CO talk (weak vs. strong conscience), as I remember it too, although it sounds like this CO went off script mentioning a specific movie. A PO with some thinking ability (and cajones to openly challenge the CO like that.)

    I don't ever remember walking out of a movie theater. Parents were usually very selective on theater-going early on (although I am recalling a couple films that pushed it...a Pink Panther movie...that may have spurred the 'parents screen the film before allowing kids to see it' phase...then in the early 80s a number of films with F-bombs...although by the time you already heard it uttered, what's the point of walking out?)

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