Did you ever have to walk out of/shut off a movie when watching with JWs?

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    I walked out on Wild, Wild West because it sucked so bad. Our new CO who hates AVATAR. Some people got their panties in a bunch over Hunger Games. My movie policy is dont ask, dont tell. I did get in trouble for watching the Jerk with Steve Martin 15 years after it's debut because it was rated R. You never know who you will piss off in dub-land. I hide all but the most boring games and DVD's when people come over. I also prominently display theocratic materials.

  • MrFreeze

    I mentioned that I saw The Matrix to someone and they got in a big huff about it. I walked out of Super Bad. I think that was my extent of walking out/shutting off. Of course during certain movies I would feel a little guilty while watching it with others but then I realized they clearly didn't have a problem with it so what did I care?

  • RoosterMcDooster

    Amelia Ashton's post reminded me of another elder and fam that thought all disney was demonic because walt disney belonged to a satan worhip cult. (Of course they also didn't own a microwave because they thought they cause cancer.)

  • brizzzy

    A P.O.'s wife who said Wizard of Oz was satanic because of the "wizard" part.

    This same woman turned off Singin' in the Rain while we were watching it and stormed out of the room, upset that I would bring such filth into her house...because of the dream sequence where Cyd Charisse is dancing with Gene Kelly in the green dress. I thought it couldn't possibly get more innocuous than a 1950s musical. I was wrong. That woman was cray-cray.

  • Inisc

    A brother and sister in the cong had invited me to theirs for dinner and they had rented a couple movies, one of which was School of rock. And I can't remember exactly wich bit but she had apparently already seen the movie and fast forward a "rude" bit. Now this movie is a PG so I never saw that coming, and it was a few years later I watched the film and I think all it was because jack black uttered a minor swear word!!

    Also I knew a sister who wouldn't let her kid watch shrek because it had a fire breathing dragon on it!

    And then when my dad went to the cinema to see Hannible, he told me not to tell anyone! Seriously wtf!

  • brizzzy

    We weren't allowed to watch R-rated movies (but there were a few that my parents caved on because *they* wanted to see them).

    So we saw The Matrix and Shakespeare in Love, but my parents furtively told us that we were not to tell anybody so as not to stumble them.

    Same deal with Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, which were only PG-13, but they were discussed at assembles as "witchcraft". My parents loved them though, so we had to "sneak" to the theatre to see them on the big screen.

  • finallysomepride

    At my uncles & Aunties place (1980s) watching a video my cousin and his wife had rented, No Way Out with Kevin Costner, only got to watch it until the sex scene in the limo. LOL

    My wife & I went & rented it the following week.

  • brizzzy

    Oh yes, I forgot. My mom pulled my sister and I out of The Life of David Gale and made a big production of stomping out of the theatre, complete with loud, disgusted mutters so that the people in the back row could hear.

    I guess extramarital bare boobies and sexy thrusting in Shakespeare in Love were OK, but adulterous standing-doggie-style sexy thrusting from behind was not. It was a couple years later that I finally got to see the rest of the movie.

  • joyfulfader

    The flying monkeys in the wizard of oz caused quite a bit of contention among those in my former cong. They were Satan's monkeys. I would say "it was all a DREAM guys!!!" How many people have rational dreams?? I suppose they could come out with a WT forbidding the dreaming of anything not on the GB approved list of story lines.

  • karter

    An Elder gave a talk when "Sat nite fever" came out how we all not to go and see it.

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