Stronger Christian presence on JWN?

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  • Christ Alone
    Christ Alone

    I wonder if there was a poll conducted, if the born ins tend to go direct to agnostic/atheist and the converted to JWs from christianity stop at
    That's a very interesting question, notjustyet. Worth its own thread.

    I tried it a few weeks ago, and it didn't work. Here is the thread: The variety of beliefs makes it an almost impossible topic. Why? Some are in between right now. Some hold on to a form of Christianity, while identifying themselves as agnostic. Some turn to atheism and then to Christianity. Others turn to Christianity and then to atheism. Some believe that parts of the Bible are accurate while others are not. Some believe the entire bible is accurate. Some believe in an "energy" of the universe, but not a personal God. Some believe that God created, but just doesn't care anymore.

    It's impossible to lump people into the specific labels of "believer, non believer, atheist, agnostic, agnostic/atheist" etc

  • prologos

    christ alone, but it is existence of the different level of beliefs that generates the interesting interchange. Clearly the newbies are serchers and learners with pent-up doubts and conclusions on their own that were arrived at in isolation. These can be valuable when shared now and then compared what has been going on here for years. new stimulus can not be bad, an influx of believers at this stage with the WTBS tremors should be welcomed.

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