If all of our sins are forgiven, what is GOD going to judge us for when we die?

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  • jam

    Just curious.

  • DesirousOfChange

    He's not.

    There is the resurrection of the righteous & unrighteous.

    Either way, you get to come back in the Paradise and be judged for what you do there.

    Makes sense, right?


  • frankiespeakin

    Magazine placements not sins.

    Peter @ the pearly gate: "Sorry you only averaged 2 wt & awakes magazine placements a month, you will not be allowed to go any further. This is the 5 mags or more section."

  • jam

    So in other words, I can lie in bed on the weekends, celebrate

    Xmas, Halloween, Birthdays, veiw demoniac movies,gamble and

    never enter a KH from this day forward and my fate will be the

    same as the poor ederly sister with swollen ankles from knocking

    on doors, the ones on prozac because of stress.

    I feel like a cheat, providing if the big one doesn,t come before

    I die,LOL. Maybe someone should tell them, there is a easier way

    to get into paradise without all the BS.

  • AGuest

    In order to accurately respond, we'd first have to know who the "who" is you're speaking of, dear jam (peace to you!). Because only blood atones for sin ("Unless blood is poured out, no forgiveness takes place"). And only One's blood buys forgiveness. And his, only for those who belong to him (who CAN include people from the "world", but applies to Israel, first - the Jews (those of the 2-tribe kingdom of Judah who put faith in him and his blood, then the Samaritans (those of the 10-tribe kingdom of Israel who put faith in him and his blood) - then to those out of every nation, tribe, tongue and people... who put faith in him and his blood... and then to those who do good to him by doing good to even the least one of his brothers (anyone with Abraham's blood in them).

    Because if you're meaning any of THESE... then there is no judgment. For the first three (Judah, Israel, and the nations who put faith in him), there is no condemnation. Because his blood covers their sins, blots them out. They are "washed clean" of sin, spiritually (and physically, as well, as a result, such that they are given "white robes", clean bodies, without sin and death in them). For the fourth, they have righteousness attributed to them because of the good they did to Christ's brothers (who might even be an enemy - think Good Samaritan).

    If you're not meaning any of these, then they are judged on their deeds... good (righteous) AND bad (sin). Because all have sinned... then all have some bad deeds; however, it only takes one. The wage of sin... any sin... regardless of how minor... is death. Death is the cost/price... of sin. The payment, if you will, FOR sin. The price exacted by the Destoyer. When you die, you don't pay for your sins such that they are wiped out; you simple remain dead. Because your life can not buy you BACK life - you sin, you pay with your life. Done.

    However, you still must be judged so as to be determined to BE a sinner. And so... the (second) resurrection... and "judgment." Your deeds, good and bad and written in a set of scrolls that have been kept from the beginning of the creation. However, another set of writings exist, too - it contains the names of those whose sins are "covered" by the blood of the Lamb. If your name is written in the Lamb's book, then your sins in the other scroll are "blotted" out; covered. No sin... no judgment. No judgment... no condemnation.

    If you name is NOT written in the Lamb's book, however, your sin(s) written in the other book remain(s). Because they have no "covering." Since they remain... and the wage/cost/price/payment for sin is death... there is, then, the "second" death.

    So, the bottom line is don't sin... or make sure you have something... and someone... to cover/wash away it/them away. The something is blood. The someone is Christ. And so, his blood... well, you've heard the saying:

    "These have washed their robes in the blood... of the Lamb."

    That's what that's talking about; something that has been washed... is clean. Somethat has been washed in blood, is atoned for. Something that is washed in the blood of the Lamb is clean and atoned for... so that is no longer any sin with it.

    I hope this helps.

    Again, peace to you!

    A slave of Christ,


  • WTWizard

    Another question. Christi-SCAM-ity is supposed to be based on Jesus' sacrifice. This is supposed to be "a perfect, complete sacrifice, to which nothing ever need be added". Then why was sacrifice needed before this "complete" sacrifice? Why was it necessary to sacrifice to foreshadow the "complete" sacrifice, except if Jehovah wants mankind to live under hardship? And why is ongoing sacrifice, as in "a self-sacrificing spirit" needed to add to the "perfect, complete sacrifice, to which nothing ever need be added"?

  • jam

    AGuest; Lets see if I got this right.

    You said, those who have no judgment, no condemnation

    because his blood covers their sins (I thought his blood

    covered everyone sins) and who are they, people before and

    those in Jesus day.

    Then others are judge on their deeds BUT death is the price of sin.

    When you die, you don,t pay for your sins (excuse me) such that

    they are wiped out. You remain dead, because your life CAN not

    buy you backlife. Your sin, you pay with your life,done.

    However, you still must be judged so as too be determined to

    be a sinner. And so the (second )resurrection...and judgment. Stop here!!

    Lets say tomorrow I die when I wake up and Iam in Paradise with a clean

    slate, but the book of sinners (the record that have been kept since the

    begainning of mankind) will be open and every sin I have comitted will

    be revealed. Those names written in the Lamb,s book get a free pass.

    It would be very difficult to have your name in the Lamb,s book, if

    you are not of the tribe of Judah, Israel or having Abraham,s blood

    in you.

    So what I am asking you, death in your opinion does not clear you

    of all your past sins? When you wake up in Paradise are you still

    a sinner?

  • jam

    One other thought, how many people will not change their

    sinful ways when they realize they are in paradise and they

    will be judged. If I wake up in paradise and my pass sins (never

    kill anyone) was forgiven, why would I sin again.

  • Bobcat


    He's not.

    There is the resurrection of the righteous & unrighteous.

    Either way, you get to come back in the Paradise and be judged for what you do there.

    First of all, thanks very much for citing Acts 24:15 above. We discussed Romans 6:7 a few days ago (here), and the idea of a person dying having "[his] sins" acquitted. If Rom 6:7 were true, as the Society propounds it, then, there couldn't be a resurrection of the unrighteous. There wouldn't be any, since they were all acquitted/justified.

    But your comments reminded me of another text that the Society bends out of shape, namely John 5:28, 29. Jesus referred to, 'those who practice good/vile things' using the past tense. But the thought of them coming out of the tombs is future tense. The Society's explanation of this, that the 'things practiced' are future, requires mental gymnastics. In fact, the Society bases their explanation of John 5:28, 29 on their mis-explanation of Rom 6:7. If you take John 5:28, 29 just as it reads, the 'things practiced' would have to be in this life, before death.

    Incidentally, "those who practiced good things" and "those who practiced vile things" would appear to form a merism.

    Anyways, take care, and thanks again for bringing Acts 24:15 to mind.

  • punkofnice

    This reminds me a bit of a thread I started where I was questioning that if Jesus died and paid the ransom why did god not forgive everyone there and then?


    Seems to me that if there is a god, he/they/it/she sits on the ''throne of undeserved kindness(TM)'' and watches indifferently. Seems to me we have made god into whatever we think he/it/she/they be.

    I remember sitting in church thinking: 'What am I doing here? This is all b0110cks....delusionary b0110cks!'

    When I needed god most he wasn't there on ANY occasion.

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