SAD news about OOMPA......

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  • Farkel

    Unfortunately, I have seen several beloved people who post on discussion boards for JW issues end their own lives. It's always heartbreaking.

    Oompa is the latest one. His demons were Watchtower demons, not your garden variety demons, but WATCHTOWER ones.

    As bts so eloquently said, "fuck them, fuck them, fuck them." (Three times for emphasis is "Bible Based(tm)", you know.)

    May you find peace dear Oompa. I join those who will miss you and your contributions to many who learned from your sharing.


  • tec

    Oompa taking his own life, over the pain caused by the df'ing and shunning makes me sick. Sick in my stomach, sick in my heart. Makes me want to do something, something for anyone else who is in so much pain, all because of this horrible and disgusting practice.

    My mind just said 'no' when i saw this thread. Just no.

    I am so sorry to all of those who loved him, who have lost him like this.

  • botchtowersociety
  • AGuest
    Cannot believe A Guest's comments.

    Oh, for gawdsakes, BOTR, you idjit... give it a rest, for once in your isolated, pitiful life. Under THESE circumstances, at least. Take your neverending, puerile, asinine beef with me elsewhere, dammit. This is NOT the time... nor the place. THIS thread is about dear Oompa so grow the frick up, woman.

    SA, who, like most here, is in a bit of shock right now and so subject to post just about anything to just about anyone (including, "Hey, there, dear, dear Beks-Girl - the greatest love and peace to you, dear one!")... on her own ('cause my Lord KNOWS I need to be to deal with BOTR's silly *ss, right now)

  • mrsjones5


    RIP Eric

  • HappyDad

    I am totally stunned! This religious cult has destroyed too many people. My heart goes out to the ones who love him. May the rest burn in hell if there is such a place.


  • NewChapter

    Thanks, BTS. Listened to the song and started crying. I am just overwhelmed right now at how this cult fucks up lives. So many are hurting, and we can't make it stop.

  • Berengaria
    I keep wishing that oompa was playing a Tom Sawyer "going to my own funeral" joke. I keep waiting for him to post and say "just kidding" and then we could all be really mad and relieved at the same time. He's been alternately making me smile and making me worry about him for years.
    me too
  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Thank you BizzyBee for posting OOMPA’s picture. Its’ nice to put a name to a face. It makes his death more meaningful and significant.

    Many believe that OOMPA’s passing is WT related. If so, please Jehovah God make these suicides stop!

    I've seen more than my share of tears of pain caused by this organization over the years.

  • ShirleyW

    I was bitin' m' tongue Shelby, but you addressed it first, since it was aimed at you, and on a thread for condolences of all things, OK moving on, not the time or place to discuss such matters. . .

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