SAD news about OOMPA......

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  • Tatiana

    We should send a large arrangement of flowers from his friends at JWN!!!

    I agree, watson. I am so sad right now. This is horrible...

  • hemp lover
    hemp lover

    " We should send a large arangement of flowers from his friends at JWN!!!"

    I second that. Still hoping against hope that this isn't true.

  • caliber

    So sad ... lets remember to be kind to one another .. hurt and pain can run deeper than we ever know

    so sorry

    My eyes filled up with tears as I heard the news

    I find myself wishing that it wasn't real

    I am haunted by such gravity of pain that we can come to feel

    It is the pain not life itself that we seek to end

  • wannabefree

    ... I was looking through his photos on facebook, this really sucks, there is so much more behind the avatar and posts of each one of us here ... I am sad

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Hopefully, his pain is finally over. He will be missed and remembered.

  • AGuest

    For dear, dear Oompa... and all those who loved him: may the Most Holy One of Israel, JAH of Armies, bless... and keep... him.

    Peace to you all.

    A truly heartbroken slave of Christ,

    SA... here only because she was told of this very, very sad news... and hoping that those responsible may be forgiven for she just cannot fathom that they KNOW what they have done - how COULD they (but if they do, may JAH's will be done toward them... and not mine... for they would truly perish, forever! Praise JAH, then, that I am not in control of anyone or anything).

  • talesin

    hell no.


  • Berengaria


  • clarity

    His cries for help were ignored by 'The Great Leaders' of the only

    true religion in the whole world! They closed their ears, DF'd him

    and walked away.

    He loved his wife ... they took her too!

    Rest in peace Oompa ................


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Cannot believe A Guest's comments. Plain speaking has its place.

    Flowers would be very nice. A handwritten letter, written on behalf of the group, would also be nice. It need not be lengthy. Not an email message but a nice note that people used once upon a time.

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