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  • RubaDub

    Overall, 100% better than the old site.

    It still needs some work, however. For example, when you click on the Online Library it takes you to a screen on which it says that publications can be downloaded at (which is where you already are).

    It should just be a link to the other page or change the verbage.

    Rub a Dub

  • Magwitch

    They need to improve their KH search to zip codes instead of states. I typed in Colorado to see what halls are in Boulder and 100's of names came up in alphabetical order of the name of the hall instead of the name of the town.

    Black Forest - Colorado Springs, CO

    Bookcliff Heights - Grand Junction, CO

    Brentwood - Denver, CO

    Buckingham - Aurora, CO

    So in other words, I have to search through hundreds of these names to find one that may be in Boulder. Way too much work.

  • sir82
    So in other words, I have to search through hundreds of these names to find one that may be in Boulder. Way too much work.

    No, just type "Boulder" in the "search for" box and you'll get KHs in the city.

    Looks like there are 4 congregations there.

  • Magwitch

    Thanks Sir82

  • baltar447


    Which browser would a True Christian® use for keeping up with Jehovah's Javascript Chariot?

  • yknot
  • therevealer

    I just did the Noah's ark download for the little kiddies and notice they overlooked the images of all the drowning people and even animals that didn't get chosen for a ride on the ark???

  • yknot


    This is exactly the stuff I had in mind when I was asleep ....

    This is the type of stuff I used to create......

    If parents actually use these (and use them appropriately)then we can expect some deeply indoctrinated future exJWs...


    Hate the Teenager section (kneejerk reaction due to bad memories of YPA-1)

    So I have a biased and unreasonable opinion

  • steve2

    As time passes, the Watchtower becomes blander and more airbrushed. In presentation, it approaches an interchangability with 7th-Day Adventist propaganda.

    The article on shunning is a credit to the Orwellian-minded pensmiths. The video on the changing covers of the Watchtower over the decades since 1879 is a puzzle of vacuous proportions: To a Scott-Joplin soundtrack, we see a serial parade of costumed individuals holding up the magazine as it has stylistically morphed over the years. In typical JW fashion, we see covers not content. A more telling video would be a parade of changing teachings since 1879 - but of course while JWs are many things, stupid they are not.

    The site reverberates with a cheerful Disney-like PR take on the witness lifestyle that is as far removed from the reality of the local Kingdom Hall experience as a can of baked beans is from a field of sun-drenched beans. I should imagine the scene is set for increased airbrushing as time passes.

    I did not look at all sections, but could find neither mention nor discussion on 1914. The PR eraser is possibly already at work on that doctrinal embarrassment.

  • yknot

    I notice the 'Tour' brochure doesn't mention a dress code....

    download a copy of the brochure at the bottom of the page...

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