God Changing Chosen Peoples

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  • ianao

    Hey MDS, if you are SO SINCERE, then post the darn report here on a new thread. ALL of it. EVERY SINGLE BIT of it.

    Until then, your posts are nothing more but an attempt to hook gullible people into buying it.

    Also, don't expect many people to take it seriously, because they have benn "washed away" once already, and sometimes two or three times, depending on their religious backgrounds.

  • ianao

    BTW eyes_opened,

    I told you MDS would post, didn't I?

  • larc

    Well it seems to me,

    The Bible writers didn't do a very good job of proclaiming his name. They only mention it four times in the Old Testemant and not once in the new testement. Also, didn't the Jews believe that the name was so sacred that they shouldn't even pronounce it?

  • ianao

    Hey MDS...

    Don't you think you are insulting Jesus be re-interpreting the prophecies of his coming?

  • SixofNine

    MDS, Divine name movement?

    Maybe, but that is just one more thing we seem to have gotten wrong. Perhaps at one point "Jehovah" was an honest mistake, but the evidence seems to show clearly that "Jehovah" is not it. Yaweh seems to be a much more accurate guess now. If the name is so important, an honest reverence of it would indicate trying your hardest to get it right, even if it meant admitting you had gotten it wrong.

    But, I tend to agree with a few others in this thread. It just does not seem to ever have been of primary importance to either God or his Son. If it was, why would there be any confusion in anyones mind as to what Gods name is. And that includes anyone living in the farthest reaches of China.

  • ianao


    Please show me the proper prononciation of YHWH?

    Please don't post it here again with Adonai's sylables. Please post the proper PHONETIC PRONUNCIATION. Then, please prove to all of us that you have that proper pronunciation. Only then will you have the proper name.

    Oh, whoops! Can't do it can you? Nobody alive from OT times to do it! Darn.

    Don't tell ME that a people carry God's name because they go around toting a suspicious misspelling. If they REALLY wanted to, they would have used the tetremegration and tried to pronounce it as accurately as possible. Did they do this? No.

  • ianao
    The way I understood Amicus' post was that

    Jehovah's name doesnt matter, and he intended his name not to be known, and for people to focus on Christ, not him.

    Yeah I understand. I thought amicus was referring to the huge broadside that JWs give God's Son Jesus. I also agree that YHWH is an important name too. (And NOT knowing it would make it VERY hard to sanctify)

    Isn't it interesting though, that Jesus said in a model prayer to pray to "The Father who is in Heaven"?

    logical, do you not usually refer to YOUR father as "Father"/"Dad", even while KNOWING his proper name?

  • MDS

    Pronuncing God's Name...who can do this correctly...or, is it so, no one really can...in God's eyes.

    No one can in God's eyes...is that so?

    I'll tell you who can do this, and do this, .... completely to God's satisfaction...but FIRST, you've got to believe, the bible, every word of it, to come to know who can really pronounce God's Name.

    If you don't believe the Bible, then I'm wasting my time.

    But even if this answer does not suffice, it will help finally, help others... to prevent them from asking such a STUPID QUESTION...


    "And it opened its mouth in blasphemies against God, to BLASPHEME HIS NAME and his residence..." -- Revelation 13:6

    What did the "Wild Beast" Do?


    The Bible says, God's Infallible Word, tells us that the "Wild Beast," will BLASPHEME GOD'S NAME.

    How do you think they are able to do such, without being able to PRONOUNCE it?

    Any ideas...How?

    Clearly, the "Wild beast," will according to God's Own Word, God, Jehovah says, they will sufficiently be able to "blaspheme His Name," "God's Name," to such an extent, that EVIDENTLY Jehovah is INFURIATED by their actions. Why does God Himself, say they are "blaspheming HIS GLORIOUS Name?" .... Why?

    They must be able to pronounce it, utter it...sufficiently, to God's recollection, to His Awareness, enough to INFURIATE HIM... God says. His statement on the matter. So guess what, somebody does know how to pronounce it...the "wild beast," when God's Name People, are disciplined by the political nations, who "trample them" under foot for some "42 months." -- Revelation 13:5

    Think about it.


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  • larc


    You said we have to believe every word of the Bible. Do you blieve the Noah story?

  • ianao

    Cool MDS.

    So, that means that JWs NEVER preached the divine name at all, and were false prophets for claiming to proclaim it, as did the Bible Students before them. So they never had God's favor in the first place, and therefore could never have fallen out of that favor in the first place, right?

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