What are your views? Why beautiful women are attracted to ugly men?

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  • rebel8

    My guess is it's not quite as common as we think.

    I happened to be watching an old 1960s detective show yesterday. A fairly unattractive, older male character had a young, beautiful wife and a young, beautiful girlfriend. I was thinking the show's writers were just playing into a male fantasy--probably not too common a sitation IRL?

  • jws

    In my opinion, there is no such concept as an 'ugly man'. Its a figment of one's imagination. The same can be said of women.

    Oh there are ugly, hateful people out there with a face and body to match alright.

    The first time I woke up with my ex-wife, I was shocked. She looked ugly. With her makeup worn or washed off sometime in the night, there were deep crevaces all over her face from acne scars that were normally covered by makeup and barely visible. But at the time, she was a nice person and I was still attracted to her for her personality and the interests we shared. Plus, she had a great body. In the course of our marriage, she went from having a great body to a very large one after two kids. She was still attractive to me because she was a good person and I loved her. After her mid-life crisis and our divorce, not so much. But back then...

    I wouldn't say her new husband is great looking either. Not ugly, but not great looking. Nice guy though and he met her #1 requirement. He has a Harley. Even before we filed, she set herself up on a dating site and put a Harley as a requirement. So sometimes it's possessions. And she wanted to become a biker-chick. I honestly think almost anybody with a Harley would have done.

    As far as physical attractiveness, it goes both ways. Good looking girls with ugly guys and good looking guys with ugly girls. Just tune in to an episode of Jerry Springer once in a while. Which also tends to debunk the "good person on the inside" theory.

    Personality? Money? Great in bed? Interests? Or on the part of the so-called beautiful one? Dependency issues?

  • MC RubberMallet
    MC RubberMallet

    Sometimes, just sometimes, it's insecurity.

    An ugly man should be more willing to stay faithful than a good looking guy with many options. The sad truth is that ugly guys with beautiful women become insecure also, so they cheat before she ends up leaving him for a good looking dude.

    Not every physically lopsided couple is guilty of this, but it is not uncommon either.

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    When it comes to Bikers, its the drugs.

    Probably drugs or money with everybody.

  • DaCheech

    fliyinghigh, from the interview I heard from ELVIRA's mouth: "Tom jones took me to his room, and I almost bled to death".

    He took advantage of alot of girls, including a vegas show girl like her, he was also VERY VERY well endowed.

  • DaCheech

    anyway, people are always on the look for the BBD, just look at that stupid show "The Bachelor"

    Modern feminists should be screaming their lungs out at the stereotypes portayed on the show, but yet they stay glued to the "fairytale" dates.

    I am glad that I am not in the dating scene anymore, normal is not glorified anymore

  • mrsjones5

    Ew, I can't stand that show. I'm not sure why the hubby likes it.

  • DaCheech

    Mrs. I have watched for the past xx seasons, only the 1st episode.............. it is just gonna ruin alot of people conception of what to expect from their significant other

  • Bobcat


    "Don't most humans who have a measure of character eventually see INSIDE a person"

    This answer is spot on. Our view of anything changes the more we see it. First impressions see the surface appearance. But the longer we look or become acquainted with someone (or even something), our view of it is modified by what else we "see." A good example is Abraham Lincoln. Physically he is not a particularly handsome man. But for most, his reputation colors their view of him.

    Or, think of a very beautiful woman. Now, add a cigarette dangling from her mouth, and hot pants, and she is standing on a street corner soliciting stangers as they pass. And then you find out she has a social disease. Now how does she look?

    Attractive women marry less than attractive men because they took long enough to know them beyond their surface appearance.

  • Scott77

    Attractive women marry less than attractive men because they took long enough to know them beyond their surface appearance.

    Although I am sceptical, this urguement by Bobcat cannot escape our scrutiny. Other than that Bobcat, please be prepared for a spirited response from 3rdgen.


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