Do you think our society is on the verge of collapsing?

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  • Nambo

    Countries have been bankrupted many times in the past. Only a fool would think this is all new. Take alook at late 1700s in France. They had a financial crisis just before everything exploded and the revolution began. (Wrote MP).

    And what was the result of the French revolution MP?

    The same result as most banker sponsored revolutions.

    That is, the fall of a monachy with its ruling family that is very hard to get into a position of power with, to be replaced by so called democracy where the man with the most money can easily buy his way to a position of great power, or to buy the control of government.

    Does it not occur to you that yes there has been financial crisis, but such crisis seemed to benifit a certain group of people that where in a position to engineer that crisis in the first place?

  • cofty

    I haven't read all of this thread but any time I hear people using the term "these days" I want to scream at them.

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