Do you think our society is on the verge of collapsing?

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  • jam

    Not to sound like the gloom and doom cult we were apart,

    but are we heading for an collapse in our society?

    Iam sure we all are familiar with the signs that bring about

    a collapse society, the collapse of the family unit, lawlessness,

    and etc. One thing that caught my attention, in order for a society

    to function successfully, people need to be able to trust one another.

    Since leaving the borg, there are very few people I trust.

    How many people do you trust? Do you trust, Politicians, lawyers,

    bankers, Doctors, or the police? Sorry, but if someone here is

    a car sales man you are at the top of my list.

    Very few people have pure motives these days. These days

    most people simple do whatever is right in their own eyes.

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    Jam said:

    These days most people simple do whatever is right in their own eyes.

    It's always been that way. Do I need to point out a scripture from the Bible where it said men acted that way 2,000 yrs ago?

    But no: I don't think all of the World's society is on the verge of collapsing (outside of a meteor strike).

    Changing, sure: societies change, and individual societies collapse (ancient Mayans and Aztecs collapsed: why? Who knows, still a mystery... Egypt collapsed around 1,000 BC, but quickly rebounded). It's narcissism to think we'll be any different, but it's unlikely....

  • jam

    I should have been more specific, not the world,s

    society (collapsing) but the good old U.S.A. I agree

    with you KS, societies change. I think our is changing for worst.

  • talesin

    jam - yes.


    Yeah, I think sooner or later, or sooner rather than later, we are facing a collapse. Great nations usually do, and we're definitely heading down the paths that lead to collapse.

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    Jam said:

    I should have been more specific, not the world,society (collapsing) but the good old U.S.A. I agree with you KS, societies change. I think our is changing for worst.

    Well, I'd agree that USA is experiencing a mega-cycle that ALL Empires go thru: we peaked in 1960's, and are undergoing a slow decline.

    Think of it this way:

    France was the leading World Empire in the 17th-18th Century, then UK predominated in the 18-19th Century. US was the winner of the 19th-20th Century, poised to leap to the front with massive untapped natural resources, an emerging Industrial Revolution to take advantage of it, AND something to build for: WW1 and WW2 were held on foreign soil, so we got the double-whammy boost of building armaments to destroy other lands AND the opportunity to rebuild (Marshall Plan)!

    The Cold War was financially devastating to USSR, who collapsed, but also to the US; we're still weakened by the massive expenditures, and haven't exactly collapsed (we'll see if the ballooning Fed deficit ever comes to a head). Speaking of the deficit, when I was a kid in the 1970's I remember politicians talking about how we're leaving expenses that our children would have to pay (that was me, at the time). The funny thing is, people say the same today. We ARE paying for it, everytime you buy food or gas: that's reflective of a hidden tax that every U.S. citizen is paying for our prior excesses. I remember paying $1.10 per gal of gas just 15 yrs ago....

    China is poised to step to the lead, for exactly the same reasons WE were in the lead last century (massive untapped natural resources, PLUS a work-force that has lower standards of living: read cheap labor). China also enjoys centralized control, where the gov't is able to play both games of capitalism with foreigners, while having the population used to communist wages (that's changing, now). Jim Rogers is a wealthy billionaire investor who saw China emerging, and moved his family to China in the 1990's to take advantage of the trend.

    In any change, there will be winners and losers. In France, even though the country is not a World Empire, it doesn't matter: there are individuals who are doing extremely well. The same goes for the U.S.: there will be winners and losers here, too. But the overall trend is one of decline... Can't be King of the Hill forever, right?

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    Maybe I've known too many survivalist nut-job types who sold everything to live in bunkers, stock up on ammo, water, and rations, but they had to emerge when nothing happened. Sorry, but I'm not buying "collapse". We had the L.A. riots following Rodney King verdict, and that was as much societal collapse for a few days as any: soon order was restored. Too many people are paid to maintain law and order to suspect we're going to anarchy.

    I suspect those prone to thinking that we're heading to Hell in a handbasket are going to be that way, with the JW message of "Armageddon is coming!" or without it.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Bush and all the other politicians sold out this country to line their pockets. I think Obama is status quo. This has been the downfall of the U.S. empire and will lead to a collapse of its influence, though the nukes tend to lend a certain level of influence regardless of economic prowess. It will be a rocky road for awhile but when the dust clears we'll still have our breakbasket to carry us through.

  • steve2

    Europe is going through its most sustained period of noncombat in centuries. People in the west are more cognizant of human rights. Minorities are now protected under law. In my grandparents' day (1920s-1930s), women and children were little more than men's property. There was no legal recognition of domestic violence; colored people were routinely discriminated against, religious minorities were tar and feathered (literally), sexual crimes were largely invisible (if a woman was raped, she must have asked for it), homosexuals were subjected to vicious mistreatment by their families, imprisonment or worse. The church and the Bible squashed independent thinking, suppressing any voice of dissent.

    And you ask is our society on the verge of collapse? Open your eyes and take in the historical perspective.

  • jam

    KS, I was there for both riots, Watts riot and the King riot.

    Yes we rebound, but it took awhile. Side note, when King

    was a young boy (Altadena Ca KH) me and other JW,s (men)

    took the young boys in the congregation fishing, he was one

    of the young men. They (elders) put a stop to that, no time

    for fishing. Take the boys out into the preaching work.

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