Do you think our society is on the verge of collapsing?

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  • WTWizard

    I don't trust a dollar, yen, or euro that is based on debt. A bank prints these dollars and loans them to the government at interest (anyone trying to create a different currency is slaughtered, preventing them from devaluing these toilet papers). The government is forced to borrow those toilet papers, at interest, and they must be paid back with newly printed and borrowed toilet papers. This kind of "currency" is beyond fiat--at least fiat currency, made responsibly, could theoretically be sound. Debt based currency cannot.

    Eventually, people will all lose trust in this debt based currency. Hyperinflation is the result, and you had better have gold, silver, other hard assets, or a skill to barter with when that happens. At that point, being a quintillionaire is useless when it takes a sextillion toilet papers to buy a loaf of bread and prices are going up 30 digits per day.

  • BizzyBee

    The quote from Stalin is likely false according to snopes:

  • steve2

    Every young, scaredy-cat generation expects to observe firsthand momentous changes of Biblical proportions. Call it self-generated narcissism (e.g., I live in a very special and portentous time).

    God, each wobbly-kneed generation since Chuck Russell whipped himself into a white-bearded frenzy in the 1870s has adduced incontrovertible evidence that "this is it".

    As a young kid, I remember my JW parents - and two sets of aging grandparents - saying that the King of the North was poised to strike: Deadly communism spread its infection with no solution other than "the new system. "

    I remember reading huge excerpts from a statesman's book entitled "Famine: 1975" , oft-quoted by the Watchtower writers of the 1960s and early 1970s. My dear old maternal grandmother - perpetually on her advertised deathbed - repeatedly asserted she could not imagine the world surviving 1975. She died 1972 after refusing medical help for bowel cancer so convinced was she that Jehovah would cure it in the new system.

    I remember nervously and compulsively flicking through the purple prose of the religious nutter's book "The Late Great Planet Earth". What a damn blind-minded fool I was being led by damn blind-minded fools, parents and grandparents included.

    In the 1950s and 1960s, the end was screamed madly by everyone who had a single brain cell to whip into a spiritual lather. Of course, people who were blessed with more than one brain cell, had healthy, more productive things to do, like making a good life for themselves and their children - oh, and also seeking solutions and often successfully overcoming insurmountable barriers to the improvmeent of civilization - bariers we were admantly told had no manmade solution.

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    I remember nervously and compulsively flicking through the purple prose of the religious nutter's book "The Late Great Planet Earth". What a damn blind-minded fool I was being led by damn blind-minded fools, parents and grandparents included.

    Yeah, I remember that one, LOL! We had alarmists selling plenty copies of books on the population explosion, toxins in the environment, etc. WTBTS is only selling a religious form of the same alarmist schtick.

    The problem is people get burned out on false alarms (e.g. Chicken Little's constant cry of "the Sky is Falling!", or even the ancient tale from Aesop's Fables of "the Boy who cried Wolf", from 600 BC (so it's at least as old as the OT), and tge problem is the population is desensitized when real alarms are heard...

  • steve2

    "Real alarms" often turn out to be solvable - except for the alarmists painting themselves - and if they had a chance, solutions - into a corner. Time wasted crapping one's pants over the imminence of collapse wastes energy and creativity around solutions.

    Who'd have thought Communism would have shrunk due to internal opposition? that the incidence of famine would sharply decline? that the standard of health and longevity would improve in many countries beyond Western borders? that apartheid would collapse? that the religious mess that was once Northern Ireland would begin to noticeably resolve?

  • Prognoser

    Steve2, longevity may have increased, although I have doubts about that claim, but disease and cancer is on the rise. So, yes, you may live to 80 or 90, but it will accompany more suffering from the proliferation of diseases and cancer.

  • jam

    Maybe we should use the term, Revolution. Maybe not

    to the extent in other countries, but a major change.

    When basic needs are not met (example, in the Congo the average

    citizen spends 80% of their earning on food) people will raise up.

    We are spoil here in this country if we are deprived of our basic needs,

    to earn a living, food and etc, it wouldn,t suprise me if we have riots

    in certain parts of the country.

  • Nambo

    Yes, I think our society is on the verge of collapsing, and I also think its deliberate.

    If those who run America have Americas interests at heart, why are they closing down industries and setting up shop in China?

    Even if it was a case of it just being that China is more competitive, why not do what Italy did to protect its automotive industries and tax foriegn imports to put domestic industry on the same level.

    Yet they are doing the opposite, just look at how they are sabotaging Gibson Guitars.

    Like wise with those who own the federal reserve, I learnt a year in advance that the bankers where going to crash the economies in order to bring in a new global monetray system, (so I put all my savings in Silver and Gold and have tripled my wealth), and you know how they triggered this economic crash?, the witholdall of Credit, the deliberate withholdall of Credit, and of course a fiat monetary system that depends on an ever increasing supply of debt money, would have no choice but to crash once the supply dries up.

    Even if the Protocols of Zion are a forgery, whoever wrote them was well aware of the above, for it states "we will crash the Goyims economy by the withholdall of credit.

    And the reason and result of this grand plan?

    If a country is run successfully and the patriotic people are happy, do you think they would be willing to hand over their soverignty to a One World Government?, no, but if their way of life had collapsed and they had no choice.

    Seems the powers that be are expecting America to collapse soon, google "Department of Homeland Security buying millions of bullets"

  • sizemik

    It interesting to me how some point to the past and say . . . "nothing new here, it's all been said before." And then others point to the past and say . . . "things were so much better then, look how bad things are now."

    Actually both are logical fallacies . . . the human race is progressing and changing through phases that we have never experienced before . . . the past is irrelevent, except for soothing fears or raising undue alarm, depending on your bias.

    We need to view the world in it's current frame IMO and leave out the past. The current world population has almost tripled since 1950 . . . and plenty has changed along with it. We're simply on uncharted ground . . . and while I don't see a global collapse, the winds of change are blowing a fairly stiff breeze IMO.

  • panhandlegirl

    I feel we (USA) may be on the decline. As has been stated eariler, other empires fell. I don't think we will fall soon, but I don't think we will have the same power if we continue to borrow from other countries and spend more money

    that we have. People in South America are younger and hungier, not as spoiled as those in North America. China is becoming more powerful and who knows what is really happening in the Middle East.

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