Do you think our society is on the verge of collapsing?

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  • exwhyzee

    I think you are probably at a stage in life where you are realizing everything is not how you thought it was. Society is changing all the time and it always has. Your are probably projecting this disillusionment on the world around you and life in general. Older ones who are feeling tired often don't want to be bothered having to adjust so they see change as bad. They often have the a tendency to look back at the past through rose colored glassess, Glasses that also make the new generation seem as if it's going to hell in a handbasket by comparrison. I bet if you went back to the good ol days that we all think existed just before we were born or when we were small children and had the insight you have now, you'd hate it and be shocked at how narrow, strict, repressed and intolerant folks were. Especially so if you are part of some repressed group of people who's plight has improved with the passage of time.

  • Prognoser

    Yes, and it's all because of those damn dirty liberals!

  • Diest

    Thank you for not failing Prog. Although where is my favorite part about marxism? :(

  • Prognoser

    How could I forget...

  • smiddy

    How many people would you have trusted during the times of the inquisition in most of europe ,as only one example.History is full of examples of tumultous times various nations have gone through , yet here we are today. Pick anytime in mankinds history and I`ll bet you could find someone who said "things can`t get any worse than this " "The end is near " Adam probably said it to Eve.


  • jam

    exwhyzee;you make a valid observation. But in my case, it,s

    not" looking back at the past through rose colored glassess"

    My past wasn,t great times. Leaving the south in the 50,s and

    experiencing the same things here in CA. Then there,s Vietnam , young marrage and

    Jehovahs Witnessess. I must agree things are little better for me today.

    But at the same time, comparing my past and today, talking to my

    adult sons it,s bad out there. For me , my life experience is like living in

    swampy infested water and after years you finally crawl out.

    You are out of the infested swamp water, but you are still in the swamp,

    and you are still in deep sh___t.

    The last 60 years have not been that great and it is getting worst. My opinion.

  • jam

    You think I might be a pessimist?? The little lady tells me that

    all the time. All good points you folks made.

  • Vidqun

    Perhaps "collapsing" is too strong a word, but big economic changes ahead. Regarding the US, they are facing a "fiscal cliff." They have two options, either lift the tax base, institute strict austerity measures (and stifle economic growth), or carry on as they are and end up in the same position as Europe. And there is no doubt that the European Union will break up, each country going back to his old monetary standard. This will certainly cause economic pain, suffering and unrest. The world will have to move towards a more sustainable system.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    Given that we were being told this 40 years ago (by an organisation that shall remain anonymous!) - and yet we are still here in 2012 - I don't believe ya!

    Furthermore, I make no apology for saying so.


  • sizemik

    Economic oppression is much less tolerated now than a few generations ago. People are less respectful of Govts and Authority generally, largely because of corruption and some dismal track records. People are more inclined to speak out and protest since the 60's . . . but have never come under the economic oppressiveness that many are now experiencing.

    I believe the economic climate will not improve soon . . . if ever, and social unrest will increase as a result. I don't see this as a bad thing . . . more of a necessary adjustment. However, if I was living in a country saturated with firearms . . . I may feel a little different.

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