Br. Jackson Illustration: "Run, Idiot, Run!"

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  • talesin

    Run, Forest, Run!

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    ‘We are at the one inch line ..and some are stopping and looking around and wondering where we are in the stream of time.’

    Yah, and others like the WTBTS are buying, selling, building, renovating ……etc., etc., etc.

  • notjustyet

    I have been running but someone keeps moving the goal post and when I find out who it is, they better start running!!! (hint, GB keeps moving the goalpost, this joke only works if you know that, that's why i'm sharing lol)


  • OnTheWayOut

    Excellent comments.

    The analogy is flawed. What is a touchdown for a JW? Not being marked for survival,
    but surviving to the end with that mark.

    We are mixing meanings here. What does the one-inch line mean to the Dub part of the
    illustration? It means right at the very very end of this system of things. Well,
    that would mean the clock is already run out as you cross the finish line. But no.
    The only way Dubs are on the one-inch line is if the time has indeed run out.

    If the football player crosses the goal, the game goes on. There will soon be another
    kick and more plays. A Dub has to stop and think before he achieves his Watchtower
    goals. He thinks, "If I reach my goal of the full-time ministry, will the clock run out
    or will I find myself an old Dub with no savings?" "If I shun my children who left
    Jehovah, will I find myself in Paradise or will there be time on that clock and I will
    need to ask those same children to care for me in my old age?"

    I suppose the illustration fits in a few ways. Some Dubs want to score just barely
    enough to win the prize of everlasting life. So before they bother to score, they want
    to know how much time is left on the clock. They stop short of reaching out for further
    assignments (called privileges) because there is so much time on the clock and they would
    rather waist the time on the clock and "win" right at the end. In other words, they hate
    just having to do more and more and more and more, they would rather use the clock.

    Now, I have beat the illustration to death.

  • kurtbethel

    we have a GB who absolutely DESPISES FOOTBALL and we have this yahoo making football parable?!?

    does anyone else see the irony?

    The irony of this is that he is tipping his hand that he knows this is a fake made up religion, so that insiders can see this, while at the same time he is rubbing the believers noses in it, the fact that he can tell them anything, no matter how it contradicts with their other teachings and they will swallow it down whole.

    Those guys must laugh together at how obviously they fooled their follwers.

  • apostatethunder

    The Fighting Irish won the game, the idiot didn’t run.

  • Momma-Tossed-Me

    This is just an appeal to fear. All things Watchtower are fear related. I think it is funny how the Borg heavy's are always debating themeselves within these boasting sessions. No one is able to offer an alternative viewpoint yet these guys have to yell and convince this non-existent entity that they are right. These people who attend typically are all in anyways.

  • JakeM2012

    Wt world is more like a 130 year snipe hunt than a football game. Now say "run idiot run", "there's the snipe, get it, you can't see it?" "it's over there, run idiot run."

  • apostatethunder

    He should be the one starting to run, and fast.

  • ziddina
    "THE GUY WITH THE BALL STOPS!!! ..and he starts looking around for the game clock..and he yells, 'how much time do I have left?'
    And you are staring at the TV in disbelief!!! What do you do?
    You yell at the TV -Run, Idiot!!!, Run!!!
    ...(Bro Jackson is yelling this from the stage) it was so hysterical- then he stops and says ...
    That's where you are...This system is dying.
    We're the event that the universe is watching. ..." OP

    Well, having been raised on stories of cattle stampedes....

    That's basically what happens when the lead cow decides to panic the herd.

    And OH, the ego... "We're the event that the universe is watching...." ???????

    In yer dreams, Bubba, in yer dreams...

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